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Philly Gear: Longstreth Women’s Sports details what’s hot for the 2012 lacrosse season

Wednesday, 14th March 2012

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It’s an exciting time of year for us at Longstreth. After months of researching and buying the best of the best women’s lacrosse equipment, we get to see it in action. This year brought a number of great products for the female athlete.

STX's Crux 10 and Attak, DeBeer Rapture, and Brine's Quantum

There are a few women’s lacrosse heads that stand out from the rest: The STX Crux 10 is the ultimate passing and shooting weapon. Its extreme angled scoop creates more whip and accuracy. The 10 degree technology drives the ball to the sweet spot for quick and accurate release on shots and passes; plus there is an Elastomer overmold in the lower half of the head to decrease ball rattle..

STX has a new version of the ATK. The Attakhas an angular up-turn from the sidewall to scoop for better control, accuracy, and feel. It’s wider face allows for a greater range of playing positions.

Cascade CPV helmet

Also new for 2012, is the DeBeer Rapture which has recessed sidewall stringing holes that help pocket swivel and improves control and accuracy. The recessed lace channels increase pocket life and the low sidewalls give a deeper pocket formation. The wider face lends itself to improved catching in the midfield.

Brine’s Quantum features NOZ-technology placed throughout the head to create one of the lightest and most durable women’s heads on the market. The extreme TruOffset technology gives maximum shot power and control and the U-shaped scoop allows for more accuracy when passing and shooting.

What’s hot in women’s handles? There are three that are on the top of our list.. First, the Epoch Women’s Handles have a true temper composite technology for maximum strength and minimal weight. They are unique in their one-year warranty and have a varied flex technology that lets a player buy the shaft that is perfect for their game.

STX’s new Vortex 10,Vortex, and Vortex Plus handles stay temperate so hands stay warm in cold weather. They feature soft-texturized elastomer rings within the composite to improve grip and feel. The 10 degree version is center-balanced for the perfect feel on any 10 degree head.

Epoch Handles, STX's Vortex line, and the Under Armour Playermaker

Maverik Fox, Empire, Rome chest protectors

Last, but certainly not least, is the Under Armour Playermaker Lacrosse Handle. It’s split handle technology with Porone XRD core absorbs stick-to-stick impact and makes for a softer catch. The Playmaker’s carbon composite construction reduces weight and increases strength.

As for player protection, Under Armour Illusion Wire Goggles are new for 2012. Their lightweight wire design improves downward vision, while the flexible frame conforms to the head for improved comfort. ASTM F803-03 Certified for lacrosse

Under Armour Illusion Wire Goggles

Let’s not forget the women’s goalie. Longstreth carries a wide selection of goalie gear. The Cascade CPV Helmet is perfect for the female goalkeeper. It’s an updated version of the C Pro. The SPR-fit system provides a secure fit. It can be customized for school or club colors.

The Maverik Chest Protector Line – Fox, Empire, Rome are new at Longstreth this year. They provide three levels of protection by varying the amounts of coverage, yet providing excellent mobility. They’re a great option for the aggressive goalkeeper.

This highlights only a few of Longstreth’s many women’s lacrosse offerings. Call 800-545-1329 to ask about team pricing, uniforms, fanwear, practice packages, and fundraising opportunities. Visit to see our full selection or stop by our retail store in Parker Ford, PA ( just 30 minutes west of King of Prussia) to check out our one-of-a-kind shop.


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