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NFHS gives further clarifications and corrections to 2012 High School Boys’ Lacrosse Rules

Thursday, 8th March 2012

Categories Boy's/Men's, High School, Posted 3/8/12

US Lacrosse has received additional clarifications and corrections to the rules for high school boys’ lacrosse in 2012 from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). The NFHS is the rules-writing body for high school boys’ lacrosse.

From the NFHS:

1. The 2012 revision to rule 7-1-1d stipulates that a player entering the field following expiration of his penalty time must wait until possession is gained on a faceoff. If, however, the ball breaks the restraining line without possession, this would end the faceoff and the player could enter the field at that point. Thus, the wording of the revision should be:

“Wait until the faceoff has ended before entering the field through the table area even when his penalty time has expired.”

2. The February 14 memo included a situation and ruling that was inadvertently omitted from the rules book. That situation on rule 1.6.1 should be stated as follows:

During an equipment inspection, A1’s handle has a tape ring measuring more than 3.5 inches in circumference that is (a) within 3 inches or (b) more than 3 inches from the butt end of the handle. RULING: (a) Legal (b) The stick is not considered illegal. The tape ring, which is more than 3 inches from the butt end of the handle, must be removed before the stick is returned to play. There is no penalty assessed.

3. In the February 14 memo, there was a clarification to rule 4-15, which has caused some confusion regarding the revision. While the original interpretation on this rule has not changed, the wording of that item has been revised as follows:

Clarification for Rule 4-15 – Rules Once the Goal Area is Gained

Once the ball has been successfully advanced into the goal area, a team is provided the opportunity to run its offense in its offensive half of the field. If the offensive team carries, intentionally passes, or intentionally propels the ball to its defensive half of the field and the offensive team was last in possession, the official will signal and verbally announce “get it in/keep it in” if the offensive team gains possession. The offensive team has 10 seconds to return the ball to the goal area, at which point it must “keep it in.” Once the goal area is gained, the officials will signal and verbally say, “keep it in.”

In all other situations in which the ball returns to the defensive half of the field, normal rules for advancing the ball will apply. Should the offensive team regain possession, they will have 20 seconds to advance the ball past the center line and then 10 seconds to advance the ball into the goal area. Should the offensive team regain possession in their offensive half of the field, they will have 10 seconds to advance the ball into the goal area.

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