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Teams open in Philadelphia Division of American Lacrosse League; Defending champ GMH Philadelphia hosts Dunn Financial LC

Friday, 4th March 2011

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The American Lacrosse League Philadelphia Division season opens up Sunday March 6th with four division games.

The 2010 ALL National champion GMH Philadelphia L.C. starts defense of its title against Dunn Financial LC at Haverford School (see schedule below) while perennial playoff team Quaker LC opens the year with a home game against Dukes LC, Gryphon’s LC travels to Team Stretch, and the Lehigh Valley Steam visit South Jersey LC.

Wilmington based Black Banana has a bye on opening weekend. Many of the players are college, high school, and youth coaches in the Philadelphia area.

ALL Philadelphia Division playoffs games will be at Kelly Field in West Chester and the ALL Championship game will be played June 18th at 4 pm at USTC in Downingtown as part of the Boys’ Upper Atlantic Lacrosse Tournament.

ALL Schedule
Date – Time – Away Team – Home Team

6-Mar-11 2:00 PM Dunn LC GMH Philadelphia LC
6-Mar-11 2:00 PM Dukes LC Quaker LC
6-Mar-11 2:00 PM Gryphons LC The Stretch LC
6-Mar-11 2:00 PM LV Steam LC South Jersey LC
6-Mar-11 Black Banana BYE

12-Mar-11 6:00 PM LV Steam LC Gryphons LC
13-Mar-11 2:00 PM South Jersey GMH Philadelphia LC
13-Mar-11 2:00 PM Quaker LC Dunn LC
13-Mar-11 2:00 PM Black Banana LC Dukes LC
13-Mar-11 The Stretch LC BYE

20-Mar-11 7:00 PM GMH Philadelphia LC Gryphons LC
20-Mar-11 2:00 PM South Jersey LC Quaker LC
20-Mar-11 2:00 PM Dunn LC Black Banana LC
20-Mar-11 2:00 PM LV Steam LC The Stretch LC
20-Mar-11 Dukes LC BYE

27-Mar-11 2:00 PM The Stretch LC GMH Philadelphia LC
27-Mar-11 2:00 PM Gryphons LC Quaker LC
27-Mar-11 2:00 PM Black Banana LC South Jersey LC
27-Mar-11 2:00 PM Dukes LC Dunn LC
27-Mar-11 LV Steam LC BYE

2-Apr-11 6:00 PM Black Banana Gryphons LC
3-Apr-11 1:00 PM GMH Philadelphia LC LV Steam LC
3-Apr-11 2:00 PM Quaker LC The Stretch LC
3-Apr-11 2:00 PM South Jersey LC Dukes LC
3-Apr-11 Dunn LC BYE

9-Apr-11 6:00 PM Dukes LC Gryphons LC
10-Apr-11 2:00 PM LV Steam LC Quaker LC
10-Apr-11 2:00 PM The Stretch LC Black Banana LC
10-Apr-11 2:00 PM Dunn LC South Jersey LC
10-Apr-11 GMH Philadelphia LC BYE

17-Apr-11 2:00 PM Quaker LC GMH Philadelphia LC
17-Apr-11 12:30 PM Black Banana LC LV Steam LC
17-Apr-11 2:00 PM The Stretch LC Dukes LC
17-Apr-11 2:00 PM Gyrphons LC Dunn LC
17-Apr-11 South Jersey BYE


1-May-11 2:00 PM GMH Philadelphia LC Black Banana LC
1-May-11 2:00 PM Dunn LC The Stretch LC
1-May-11 12:30 PM Dukes LC LV Steam LC
1-May-11 2:00 PM Gyrphons LC South Jersey
1-May-11 Quaker LC BYE


15-May-11 1:00 PM GMH Philadelphia LC Dukes LC
15-May-11 2:00 PM Quaker LC Black Banana LC
15-May-11 2:00 PM LV Steam LC Dunn LC
15-May-11 2:00 PM The Stretch LC South Jersey LC
15-May-11 Gryphons LC BYE

22-May-11 Philadelphia Final Four @ Kelly Field
22-May-11 1:00 PM #4 Seed vs. #1 Seed
22-May-11 3:00 PM #3 Seed vs. #2 Seed


5-Jun-11 Philadelphia Division Championship @ Kelly Field
5-Jun-11 3:00 AM Philly Game 2 Winner Philly Game 1 Winner

11-Jun-11 TBA Blue Conference Final 4 @ North Jersey or NYAC 4 @ TBA
12-Jun-11 TBA Blue Conference Final @ TBA

18-Jun-11 TBA American Lacrosse League Championship @ United Sports Training Center, Downingtown, PA


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