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Philly Boys Showcase 2013, 2014 All-Star reaction: Players enjoy facing top competition

Saturday, 19th November 2011

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/19/11

The following are comments made by 2013 and 2014 All-Stars following the Gait Fab 40 Games at the Philly Boys Showcase today at Episcopal Academy.

The event drew more than 160 college coaches. It continues Sunday with the Senior Showcase and the 36-team Invitational Tournament at Episcopal.

White team middie Dalton George (Ridley) is defended by Black's Zach Schleicher (Emmaus) during the 2013 Gait Fab 40 Game Saturday at the Philly Showcase (Photo by Chris Goldberg)

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2013 players

What did you think of the competition?

Reilly Hupfeldt, A, Haverford School (2 goals):”It was a lot of fun. The skill level was really high and it was fun. The games (in the morning) were awesome and this (All-Star game) was better. It wasn’t sloppy. There were players from 30 states, which is ridiculous. I didn’t even know that many states played!”

How is it playing all three days (he played in Pre-Showcase Benefit for Logan Schweiter)?
“It was a lot of fun and then tomorrow Haverford plays in the tournament. It’s awesome, especially since I live like 15 minutes away. This is the best talent around; right in your backyard. It’s pretty cool!”

How did you feel about the event?

Ian Strain, A, Episcopal Academy (2 goals):”I think it was awesome. It was so well put together and so organized. You’re not scrambling; and you get to play with kids from 30 states. I got to play with a kid from Georgia on my team. It was cool playing with kids form other areas like that.”

Did you think about all the college coaches on the sidelines?
“Everyone’s going to say they try not to think about it. But I mean, everyone’s thinking about it a little bit. I try to play my game and see what happens from there. I would have liked to have done a little better in the first three games, but I was happy with how I did in this game.”

What did you think of the competition?
Bobby Young, M, Manhasset High, N.Y. (1 goal):
“It’s a great day with tons of competition. It was some of the best talent you’ll see in the lacrosse world and it’s great to be a part of the All-Star Game. Overall, it was a great experience.”

What did you learn about your game?
“I learned mostly from this tournament that I have got to start sweeping from the top. That’s where I got most of my goals today. I used to play attack and I am transitioning to middie. I have to get used to starting up top and dodging from the middle.”

How do you think Long Island was represented?
“Coming form Long island, we have to keep our pride down there. Coming here in Philly, it’s a great opportunity to show what Long Island is made of.”

2014 players

How did you like the competition?
Pierre Atkinson, M, Conestoga (1 goal): “It was an honor playing with these great kids and connecting with guys from Massachusetts and so many other places. They were really good; it’s a different style, but I just blended in and thought I would see what happens.

How did you adjust to the competition?
Atkinson: “I had to do a lot of cutting. You’ve got to cut to the ball and find open space and wait for the guy to feed you.”

What do you need to work on?
Atkinson: “I need to get an off hand and move the ball fast.”

What did you think of the event and all the college coaches?
Atkinson: “I didn’t really put that to mind. I just went out here and played my best. (Episcopal Academy) Coach (Andy) Hayes put on a great tournament and it’s great to be there.”

What did you think of the event?

Pat McCormick, A, Hicksville, M.Y. (2 goals): “It was a long drive, but it was definitely worth it. The All-Star game was great. You got to meet a lot of great players.”

Did you think about the college coaches when playing?
“Not really, you kind of get used to it after a while. It’s surreal to do this. I wish I played a little bit better, but I thought I played pretty well and I feel I represented Long Island well.”

What do you need to work on?
“Maybe my dodging and hiding my stick a little more so the ball doesn’t get taken away. And I need to get stronger.”

What did you think of the competition?

Peter Blynn, M, Haverford School (1 goal): “It’s always good making the All-Star team with these guys. It’s really fun and it was great playing with kids from 30 states it was awesome to see kids form Laxachusetts, California, Wisconsin… it’s awesome to see the sport spread. And having 160 coaches … it’s a lot of pressure, but if you made the All-Star Game it’s a great feeling.”

What was it like playing against this competition?

Bryce Womack, G, Perkiomen Valley: “It was great, there were a lot of great kids and many of them I know because they are from around here. I love the experience.”

How did you react to seeing all the coaches on the sidelines?
“It’s great. Th whole back sideline is filled and it’s like playing in the NCAAs! I am pretty happy.”


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