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Harriton junior Fink honored with Katie Samson Inspiration Award for creating business to promote Lyme Disease awareness

Thursday, 12th May 2011

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 5/12/11

Harriton junior attackman Zach Fink has been recognized for his resilience and perseverance in the face of much adversity.

Harriton junior Zach Fink was honored with the Katie Samson Inspiration Award

Fink was honored last Saturday with the Katie Samson Inspiration Award during the 11th annual Katie Samson Lacrosse Festival at Radnor High.

Fink played in his first game of the season – scoring once – for the Rams at the tourney. He had suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament last fall and made a quick recovery to get back onto the field.

But Fink has faced even more roadblocks in the past few years. In the recent months he created a business called “Powerful Pancakes” ( to raise money for awareness and treatment for Lyme Disease, a disease that has greatly affected him and his family.

Fink, a junior lacrosse standout at Harriton, has been dealing with Lyme Disease for two years. The disease has caused him excessive fatigue, and has affected his schoolwork and athletics.

Harriton coach Richard Owens said Fink has shown remarkable fortitude in coming back to play so quickly, while also working so hard to get out his message on Lyme Disease.

“Any high school student body that goes through the kind of injury he has endured and on top of that has the ongoing issue of Lyme Disease every day is facing a lot,” said Owens. “But he put the work in to come back ahead of schedule.

“He did his rehab. The fact he was able to come back was remarkable.”

Because his grandmother and younger brother also have endured advanced Lyme Disease, Fink has become an advocate for Lyme Disease awareness. He says the disease is somewhat of a mystery because many victims don’t know they have it and most have varying symptoms.

Fink has created the business to help educate others and also raise money funds to support research and cures to treat the epidemic of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses in the region. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the business go to the fight against Lyme Disease.

The dry pancake mix, available online at $3.95 a package (8 ounces makes 18-24 pancakes), are made with no preservatives and mostly from organic ingredients with some whole grains. The recipe, created by Fink’s mother, is a hit with Fink’s friends.

Powerful Pancakes provide 16-20% of the daily recommended doses for fiber, and have high levels of calcium, iron and Vitamin A. The pancake mix is licensed with the Department of Agriculture.



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