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Philly Girls’ Lacrosse Showcase: Sophomores, freshmen, Fab Forty MVPs check in

Sunday, 21st November 2010

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The following are comments from the MVPs from the Freshman/Sophomore gait Fab Forty all-star game at the Philly Girls’ Lacrosse Showcase Sunday at Episcopal Academy.

Offensive MVP: Meghan Miller, Bayard Rustin, Blue, Soph:” I thought it was a great opportunity to get looked at for college coaches. Actually, my coach at the beginning said we should all get to know each other so (we could) play as a team. We did team bonding and we all clicked. It was a fun and interesting day.”

Defensive MVP: Lily Kovach, Strath Haven, Blue, Frosh: “I love lacrosse and I really wanted to come. I got to play and get skills down. It was just a great experience. They put you out there with random people; you have to start bonding and get your teamwork in.”

The following are comments from sophomores and freshmen on the Philly Girls’ Lacrosse Showcase during morning games today at Episcopal Academy:

Taryn Gallagher, Episcopal Academy freshman midfielder: “This is my first tournament of this season and this is a good start. You’re working as a team even though you don’t know the players. But you get to meet players and get coaches to see you.

“The recruiting is starting so much earlier. I really like it. It’s my first showcase experience where I don’t know my team. You don’t know how everyone plays, but you learn a lot more. Here you learn so many more tricks.”

Kelly Kubach, Penn Charter sophomore defender: “I’m really looking forward to lacrosse season and there really is no off-season if you’re a serious player. It’s a lot of fun to see all the other players in the area and come and see what the competition is.”

On meshing with her team:
“It’s started off a little slow since no one played together before. But all the girls are really good and really competitive so it’s going well.

On the recruiting process and playing in front of college coaches:
“It’s really, really nerve-racking. You’re nervous and then you start playing your game so it gets easier.”

Laura Frankenfield, Wissahickon sophomore midfielder: ”I know the boys’ tournament had so many coaches so I knew the girls’ tournament was bound to have lots of coaches. I knew it would be good exposure.

“It’s going pretty well. It’s hard to (play team defense) and know if people are going to slide. But we’re getting there.”

Are you conscious of the coaches in attendance?:
“I think about it. I keep communication up, that keeps coaches looking. And I am making sure I use my non-dominant hand. It’s exciting because coaches are just starting to come out to see my class, as sophomores. They are looking at juniors, so they get to see us, too.

“I try not to think about it, but at the same time, recruiting is starting sooner and sooner. You have to start looking at schools sooner. It’s weird, but people who don’t play sports at school won’t think about college yet. And I’m already going off to colleges.”

Mount St. Joseph sophomore attack Olivia Gannon: “I came here because it’s really good competition. There are a lot of college coaches watching. It’s a good experience to play against girls from other teams and it’s a really high level. I was trying to focus on the game more, but it (recruiting) is in the back of my mind.”

Note: All four players were later named to the Gait Fab Forty all-star squads.


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