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New national lacrosse website ‘’ is hit for lax swag e-commerce

Monday, 20th December 2010

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Have a closet full of lacrosse gear and apparel that you no longer use? Want to turn your old stuff into cash? Did you love the style of the team that just whipped your tails?

Then check out the nation’s hottest new lacrosse website – was launched two weeks ago by a Massachusetts family. The website is designed to fill a much-needed void in the lacrosse community by creating a site where users can buy and sell new and used apparel and gear, affectionately known as “Swag.”

It is a place where players, coaches, parents, and designers can come together to showcase and sell their goods. While the idea of peer to peer selling is not new, this site is unique as it caters to those who love lacrosse and the culture that comes with it.

The idea for came during the summer club tournament circuit as the site’s founders watched in amazement as many kids were literally trading the shirts off their backs for the shorts another player was wearing.

Not only are good teams putting great players on the field but they are also showing up in great style. Club teams like Mesa Fresh, Long Island Express, The Top Gun Fighting Clams, Green Turtle and Madlax were not only judged by wins and losses but how good they looked in the process.

The New Jersey Turnpike rest stop on way to the Tri State Tournament in Princeton was a veritable runway of swag. Many of the innovative club directors have embraced this trend and the more creative ones have raised the bar.

In addition to the e-commerce component of the site, there is also a section called the Backyard. In the Backyard, users have the opportunity to upload game film, highlight videos, and team pictures and tournament action shots. There are forums to discuss where to stay, eat, etc. at various tournaments, and other forums where players and fans can discuss what player is doing what in the lacrosse world.

The goal of is create a nationwide marketplace where sellers can turn their gear and apparel into cash and where players can track down a coveted pinney or pair of shorts.

Swagyard accepts all credit cards and Paypal, and the site pays all associated transaction fees. The site does not charge a posting fee and collects a 10% commission when an item is sold. Swagyard does not make money unless you make money.

While is a brand new site, nationwide traffic has exceeded all expectations. So give it a try, and maybe you can find exactly what you are looking for or turn your unwanted swag into much needed cash.


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