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Conshohocken’s Brain-Pad provides mouth guard device that protects lacrosse players from concussions

Tuesday, 5th January 2010

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As Congress prepares to examine the issue of concussions in the NFL, NCAA, and high school sports for the second time in the past month, a Philly-based company has been successfully marketing a mouth guard device designed to protect players from the probability of a concussion caused by lower jaw impact.

Brain-Pad®, a line of affordable athletic mouth guards using patented technology and a dual-protection system, are being used by athletes at every level and among various sports programs including lacrosse, football, hockey, karate, MMA, and more. The Brain-Pad mouth guards are tested and proven to reduce impact energy at the base of the skull and brain by keeping the lower jaw stabilized in a position that decreases the likelihood of basal skull concussions and TMJ (jaw joint) injuries.

“I treat many athletes looking for teeth, mouth and jaw protection on the playing field,” says Dr. Robert B. Mongrain, DMD. “I recommend Brain-Pad to all my patients who play aggressive contact sports. Protecting the lower jaw and TM joints is critical to minimize the risks of potential concussions. I am glad to see that institutions like the NFL and Congress are finally taking a serious look at the dangers of these injuries and putting more emphasis on protection and recovery.”

Unlike traditional mouth guards that offer protection for either the upper or lower teeth only, Brain-Pad is a dual arch, bi-molar, mouth guard. The Brain-Pad technology repositions the lower jaw while protecting both the upper and lower teeth. The jaw is stabilized into a neutral position, creating a safety space that greatly reduces the risk of jaw impact concussions and TMJ injuries. When put into place, the Brain-Pad mouth guards also open the airway in the throat 100 percent, allowing users to breathe better and gain a competitive advantage. Brain-Pad fits over a player’s braces and the product is specifically designed for athletes in each sport.

“We have said for years that concussions are serious injuries and should be avoided at all costs,” says Joe Manzo, President of Brain-Pad, located in Conshohocken. “The devastating effects of concussions can have a lasting impact on athletes and their families. We have designed these mouth guards specifically to protect the jaw-joint and base of skull, the most vulnerable and unprotected area for athletes.

When used properly, there is a 40 percent reduction of impact energy to the base of the skull, these forces can cause a concussion or knock out as boxers call it. Athletes from the NFL to the MMA and at every level from professional to local youth leagues are recognizing the significant health benefits of our Brain-Pad mouth guards to offer protection against these dangerous injuries.”

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Representative John Conyers, D-Michigan, heard testimony Monday to examine the NFL’s response to concussion injuries and assess the protocols or lack thereof, in place for college and high school football players. Scheduled witnesses include NFL neurologist Ira Casson, DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the NFL. Players Association, David Klossner, the NCAA’s director of health and safety and Dr. Bennet Omalu, a neuropathologist and primary researcher into brain damage in football players.

Brain-Pad mouth guards are available at leading athletic retailers including Wal-Mart® stores nationwide, and retail between $7 and $30 based on the model.

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