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NCAA to experiment with instant replay for televised men’s games this year

Saturday, 5th September 2009

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The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee plans to experiment with instant replay in televised games this season.

Committee members proposed the idea based on a recommendation from the Division I Men’s Lacrosse Committee. The Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved it during a recent conference call.

The decision came after committee members noted several goal-line plays in recent years that could have benefited from further review by on-field officials.

Under the experiment, instant replay could be used if the ball hits the back pipe and comes out of the net so quickly that the official misses the goal. The system will be used only if a game is televised and monitors are available at field level.

The rules committee also identified points of emphasis for the 2010 season, including face-offs, cross checks, pace of game, uncontrolled stick checks and equipment (specifically the end-cap requirement on the crosse). Player safety remains a chief concern as well.

The committee noted specific concerns about the use of illegal tactics during the face-off, especially the use of hands. Officials are to call an unsportsmanlike conduct foul if a player uses his hand to play the ball during the face-off. However, inadvertent touching of the ball (as long as the player’s hand is grasping the stick) will not be considered a foul.

The emphasis on all players having end caps covering the opening of their crosses and stick and cross checks are intended to enhance student-athlete safety. Coaches are responsible for ensuring the end caps are in place.

The committee also:

* Agreed to experiment with a rule that requires the offensive team to keep the ball in when it enters the attack area unless it is deflected out of the area by the defensive team.

* Agreed to survey coaches on faceoffs, substitutions, stalling rules, penalty-administration options, timeouts and the dive play.

* Nominated Brian Voelker of Drexel as chair to replace Willie Scroggs, whose term expired August 31.


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