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Delaware scholastic girls’ tournament recap, All-League teams

Friday, 12th June 2009

Categories Delaware, Girl's/Women's, High School, Posted 6/12/09

Girls High School Tournament Results


No. 1 Cape Henlopen 16, No. 8 Concord 2

No. 4 St. Mark’s 11, No. 5 Charter School of Wilmington 10

No. 3 Tower Hill 18, No. 6 Brandywine 7

No. 2 St. Andrew’s 17, No. 7 Wilmington Friends 4


No. 1 Cape Henlopen 9, No. 4 St. Mark’s 8

No. 2 St. Andrew’s 15, No. 3 Tower Hill 10


No. 1 Cape Henlopen 11, No. 2 St. Andrew’s 7  CAPE HENLOPEN CHAMPIONS

2009 Blue Hen All Conference

First Team

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

Drew Hayes                               Attack               Brandywine                     11

Leigh Kaminski                          Attack               Charter                            10

Christy Weaver                          Attack               Charter                            11

Kallie McCormick                       Midfield             Brandywine                     11

Sara Alpaugh                             Midfield             Concord                          12

Britta Nippert                             Midfield             Concord                          11

Morgan Rispoili                          Midfield             Charter                            11

Katie Hicken                              Midfield             Middletown                      12

Megan Camper                          Defense            Brandywine                     12

Caroline Phillips                         Defense            Concord                          12

Ali Kern                                     Defense            Middletown                      11

Kasia Dinkeloo                          Goal Keeper      Brandywine                     12

Second Team

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

Anne Tarlov                               Attack               Brandywine                     10

Megan Meluskey                       Attack               Concord                          10

Nina Cornog                              Attack               Concord                          12

Brittani Scalia                            Midfield             Charter                            11

Devon Anacay                           Midfield             Glasgow                          11

Kelsey Bredimus                       Defense            Brandywine                     12

Alexa Borrelli                             Defense            Brandywine                     10

Megan Keffer                             Defense            Concord                          10

Ashley Ferguson                        Midfield             Glasgow                          12

Maddie Jackon                          Defense            Charter                            12

Mia Pattrinery                            Midfield             Middletown                      12

Corrine Palombo                        Goal Keeper      Charter                            11

Honorable Mention

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

Christine Gregg                          Attack               Charter                            12

Kristine Lynch                           Attack               Concord                          12

Grace Guillebeau                       Midfield             A.I. duPont                      12

Tara Dougherty                          Midfield             Brandywine                     10

Anna Cochran                            Midfield             Charter                            12

Jackie Mayhart                          Midfield             Christiana                        12

Brittany Jett                               Midfield             Middletown                      11

Jenn Sauer                                Midfield             Newark                           11

Megan Couch                            Midfield             Newark                           11

Kaylin Richards                         Defense            Glasgow                          11

Shelley Piascik                          Defense            Middletown                      12

Nicole Wells                              Goal Keeper      Middletown                      12

2009 DISC All Conference

First Team

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

Meghan Lyons                           Attack               Tower Hill                          12

Cinda Caldwell                           Midfield             St. Andrew’s                      11

Beth Martin                               Midfield             St. Andrew’s                      12

Sukey Hendrix                           Midfield             Sanford                             11

Diana Aulisa                              Midfield             Sanford                             12

Olivia Walker                             Midfield             Tatnall                               12

Steph Burrus                             Midfield             Tatnall                               12

Caroline Holliday                        Midfield             Tower Hill                          11

Katie Applegate                         Midfield             Tower Hill                          11

Mary Hobbs                               Midfield             Tower Hill                          12

Perrin Downing                          Midfield             Wilmington Friends            12

Anna Crosby                             Midfield             Wilmington Friends            12

Madison Beres                          Defense            St. Andrew’s                      10

Corrine Armistead                      Defense            St.Andrew’s                      12

MacKenzie Peet                        Defense            St. Andrew’s                      10

Emily Schukert                          Defense            Tower Hill                          11

Katie Zubrow                             Goal Keeper      Sanford                             11

Second Team

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

Amanda Johnston                      Attack               St. Andrew’s                      11

Grace Gahagan                         Attack               St. Andrew’s                      11

Grace Saliba                             Attack               St. Andrew’s                      9

Christina Schneider                    Attack               Tatnall                               11

Lexi Saunders                           Attack               Tower Hill                          11

Kristin Lang                               Attack               Wilmington Friends            11

Susie Gurzenda                         Midfield             St.Andrew’s                      12

Sarah Massaferi                         Midfield             Sanford                             11

Mellie Lusk                                Midfield             Sanford                             11

Lindsay Edinger                         Midfield             Tower Hill                          12

Brittany Coffin                            Defense            Tatnall                               11

Gaby Dressler                           Defense            Tower Hill                          11

Taylor VanSickle                        Defense            Tower Hill                          10

Julie Ly                                     Defense            Wilmington Friends            10

Lindsay Reese                           Defense            Wilmington Friends            10

Nina Labovich                            Goal Keeper      St. Andrew’s                        9


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