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Lax Tip of the Week: Improve your skills using the agility ladder

Wednesday, 2nd April 2008

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By Dave Donovan
Of Lacrosse Evolution, posted 4/2/08

We’ve all heard that lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet, but how do we make those two feet faster? Did you know that you could learn how to be faster? When is the best time to do this kind of training? What kind of time does it take to see results?

As a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a background training elite level athletes speed and agility, I hope to give you some incite and ideas that you can use to become a better lacrosse player and answer these questions you may have.

At Lacrosse Evolution Training Centers we have incorporated speed and agility techniques into our lacrosse skills training and have seen tremendous results.

Just to pique your interest, I’ll give you a basic example of how we have melded the techniques. A common tool for developing foot speed, balance, spatial awareness, and body control is the agility ladder.

Our athletes perform ladder drills just as everyone else does save one difference… they’ve got a stick and ball in hand and are cradling as they progress through the ladder. Or we have them sprinting after a ground ball, firing for top corner of the net, or sprinting into the next lax/agility drill.

Each week, rotating between boys and girls, Lacrosse Evolution will present a “Lax Tip of the Week”


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