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Players who Shined from @passport_lax @Nat_175 Liberty Bell Challenge by @ConnectLAX

Monday, 11th July 2016

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Note – These players from the Passport Alliance/National 175 Liberty Bell Challenge were recognized by ConnectLAX, a major sponsor for Lacrosse Media websites. will post its feature on Players who Shined from Friday’s LBC Individual Showcase Tuesday evening.

The next stop on the recruiting circuit was the National 175 Liberty Bell Challenge at three sites in suburban Philadelphia Friday through Sunday. The showcase – whicjh drew over 100 coaches from 90 programs – did not disappoint the fans or the college coaches that traveled to the City of Brotherly Love. The depth of talent at each position within each recruiting class was impressive. These players battled through some grueling games in high temperatures and there was not much sign of fatigue other than a great deal of empty water bottles and coolers. With that being said, let’s get into some standouts.

Duke's LC 2018 LSM Matt Lane (Lancaster Country Day)

Duke’s LC 2018 LSM Matt Lane (Lancaster Country Day)

Class of 2017:

Griffin Hanes, M, Duke’s Lacrosse Club, Bishop McDevitt High School-PA

Hayes displayed a great knack for the goal. He was constantly a factor in the offensive end whether that was dishing out assists or finishing his shots in a variety of ways. He produced throughout the day, which shows that his athleticism and endurance are well above par.

Jack Farrell, M, Team Turnpike 2017, Phillips Exeter Academy-NH

Farrell showed an elite first step that allowed him to get his hands free often. He constantly got momentum down the righty alley and finished from a variety of distances on the run. He didn’t display his left hand much, but his jab step to get to the righty was so good that he was never really tested to take his left.

Logan Adams, D, Duke’s Lacrosse Club 2017, Hunterdon Central-NJ

The ability to press his attackmen around the perimeter and in the danger areas was what stood out to coaches most. Logan constantly made his matchup uncomfortable and his range allowed him to be aggressive at all times. One thing players can take away from Logan’s play is that it’s not always about takeaways that result in turnovers. Logan’s footwork and pressure often forced players into bad passes, which resulted in ground ball situations.

Timothy Kopp, M, LB3, Grady High School-GA

Kopp really runs the field well. He made plays in between the hashes that make him look like a player coaches would leave on the field for extended shifts. His athleticism was evident and I could see coaches giving him a green light in transition situations at all times in college. He’s doesn’t have the size, but you can picture a bit of Jack Near (Notre Dame alum) in him.

Nick Heiler, M, Duke’s Lacrosse Club, Lansdale Catholic-PA

Nick was dominant at the faceoff x throughout the day. I didn’t witness many draws that he didn’t win the initial clamp, which immediately shows he’s got a talent for beating the whistle. But more importantly, his ability to control the ball after winning the clamp was impressive. He constantly navigated the ball to himself or his wings through traffic. Pushing the ball to himself also caused a good deal of fast break situations.

Class of 2018:

Liam Riordan, A, Connecticut Chargers, Pomfret School-CT

Riordan looked like your prototypical x attackmen. His stick skills and the way he carried the ball reminded me a lot of Harvard’s Devin Dwyer. He used his stick fakes to shift defenses and open holes on the inside. He finished in a variety of ways. Causing turnovers in the ride was also a big part of Riordan’s game, which is incredibly important.

Matthew Lane, LSM, Duke’s Lacrosse Club, Lancaster Country Day School-PA

Lane was constantly making his presence felt in between the restraining lines. Midfielders would carry the ball over midfield comfortably and seconds later Lane was there to press them. The ball seemed to be on the frequently because of Lane’s efforts and he often pushed transition wisely.

Ethan Dewbrey, A, Connecticut Chargers, Darien High School-CT

Dewbrey was a real threat with his shot anywhere within fifteen yards. You could see defenses stretching out towards him, which led to more openings inside for his teammates. I can see a lot of man-up plays being drawn up for Dewbrey in his final years of high school and in college.

Carter Leibrock, G, Connecticut Chargers, Fairfield Ludlow-CT

Carter’s ability to navigate the defense was immediately apparent. His voice covered the whole field. He covers up a lot of cage and he really uses that to his advantage when shooters are on the doorstep. Shooters were shown zero net in close due to Leibrock’s angles and stick positioning. His doorstep saves quickly became transition opportunities for his team.

Class of 2019

Adam Paymer, LSM, Duke’s Lacrosse Club, Hershey High School-PA

Simply put, Paymer was everywhere. His often won loose ball battles that he had no business winning. His ability to cover ground at such a fast pace always kept him in the play and in result he created havoc. I liked Paymer’s ability to pick up ground balls in traffic on the first attempt. Often times you see ground balls stay in a scrap for a few seconds but Paymer takes care of that quickly and gets on the run.

Gunnar Bogorowski, M, Duke’s Lacrosse Club, Germantown Academy-PA

Gunnar was similar to Paymer, just he did everything with a shortstick. Paymer and Bogorowski could make an excellent tandem for somebody’s defensive midfield. However, Gunnar displayed skill in the offensive end as well. His great dodging and footwork drew a lot of slides and he was able to make easy passes to his teammates.

Christopher Crapanzano, M, NJ Riot, Ridge High School-NJ

Coaches raved about this kid’s ability to scrap on faceoffs. He plays with an effort and edge that shows he takes no plays off. There were a few times where his opponents thought they had a comfortable ground ball in front of them only to find out Chris one second away in making it a scrap.

Cullen Wolf, M, Patriot, Seton Hall Prep-NJ

Cullen’s split dodge was one of the best I saw in any class. He had a few gorgeous plays where he shook his defender, got his hands free, and finished his shot in the corner of the net. Wolf attacks the defense from all areas of the field against any matchup. His elite first step makes him a top flight prospect in the 2019 class.

Class of 2020

Jimmy Goranov, D, Connecticut Chargers, Deerfield Academy-MA

Jimmy was one of the best young D guys I saw all day. He constantly one his matchup and pushed them away from the heart of the defense. Goranov also displayed great stick skills in the clear and was a threat when he crossed midfield. He’s got the next few years to fill out but I think he’s a legitimate prospect for any college coach.

Dash Sachs, M, Long Island Express North, Staples-CT

This kid was dominant at the faceoff x. He wins draws with ease and is excellent with the ball in his stick. He is undersized, but it does not slow him down. He’s too fast on the clamp and his technique off the ground is effortless. I think he will be one of the top midfield prospects in this class due to his ability to stay on the field and play offense against potential fogos.

Skylar Schutler, A, STEPS, Summit High School-NJ

Schutler is a great x attackmen in the showcase today. He really showed a great feel for taking his defensemen to the net versus pulling it out and getting his teammates involved. He had a few great inside rolls today that he easily finished. His head is always up, which is a great habit to have with years ahead of him.

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