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Philly players selected in @MLL_Lacrosse draft

Friday, 22nd January 2016

Categories Boy's/Men's, Pro, Posted 1/22/16

Below is the Major League Lacrosse draft held today in Baltimore.

1 Atlanta Blaze Myles Jones Duke M
2 Charlotte Hounds Dylan Donahue Syracuse A
3 Florida Launch Matt Landis Notre Dame D
4 Charlotte Hounds* Ryan Brown Johns Hopkins A
5 Denver Outlaws Matt Kavanagh Notre Dame A
6 Boston Cannons Greg Coholan Virginia M
7 Rochester Rattlers* Matt Dunn Maryland D
8 Ohio Machine* Michael Quinn Yale D
9 Boston Cannons* Brandon Mullins Syracuse D

10 Atlanta Blaze Deemer Class Duke M
11 Ohio Machine *from Chesapeake^ Kyle Bernlohr Maryland GK
12 Florida Launch Henry West Maryland M
13 Charlotte Hounds^ Pat Young Maryland M
14 Denver Outlaws Stephen Jahelka Harvard D
15 Atlanta Blaze *from Boston Tyler Albrecht Loyola M
16 Ohio Machine Bryan Cole Maryland M
17 Rochester Rattlers John Edmonds Cornell A
18 Charlotte Hounds^ Nick Doktor Penn A

19 Atlanta Blaze Greg Danseglio Maryland D
20 Charlotte Hounds Colin Woolford Denver M
21 Florida Launch Liam Byrnes Marquette LSM
22 Chesapeake Bayhawks from Florida** John Maloney Albany M
23 Denver Outlaws Matt Hossack RIT LSM
24 New York Lizards** James Pannell Virginia A
Ohio Machine Forfeited – 4/17/14
25 Florida Launch** Steve Pontrello (St. Augustine Prep) North Carolina M
26 Charlotte Hounds** Brendan Caputo Brown M

27 Charlotte Hounds^^ Tyler White Towson GK
28 Florida Launch^^ Gunnar Waldt Bryant GK
29 Florida Launch Robby Haus Ohio State D
30 Chesapeake Bayhawks Mark Glicini Yale M
31 Denver Outlaws Sam Llinares Hofstra A
32 Boston Cannons Challen Rogers Stony Brook M
33 Ohio Machine Bobby Schmitt Bellarmine D
34 Rochester Rattlers TJ Neubauer Fairfield M
35 New York Lizards Jacob Richard (Henderson) Marquette M

36 Atlanta Blaze Warren Hill Syracuse GK
37 Charlotte Hounds Goran Murray (Haverford School) Maryland D
38 Ohio Machine*** Dan Lomas High Point A
39 New York Lizards*** Ryan Ambler (Abington) Princeton A
40 Denver Outlaws BJ Grill Marquette D
41 Boston Cannons Jake Matthai North Carolina M
42 Ohio Machine Mike Messenger Limestone M
43 New York Lizards*** David Manning Loyola D
New York Lizards Forfeited – 2/25/14


44 Ohio Machine^^^ Cameron Williams Colgate M
45 Charlotte Hounds Joseph Radin Marist A
46 Florida Launch Devin Dwyer Harvard A
47 Chesapeake Bayhawks Zach Herreywers Loyola A
48 Denver Outlaws Tim Barber Syracuse M
49 Boston Cannons John Upgreen Tufts A
50 Ohio Machine Zack Powers North Carolina D
51 Rochester Rattlers Blaze Riorden Albany GK
52 New York Lizards Brody Eastwood Stony Brook A


53 Atlanta Blaze Case Matheis Duke A
54 Charlotte Hounds Evan Connell North Carolina D
55 Chesapeake Bayhawks*^ Michael Howard Virginia D
56 Chesapeake Bayhawks Carter Brown Ohio State A
57 Denver Outlaws Jack Kelly Brown GK
58 Boston Cannons Matt Thistle High Point A
59 Ohio Machine Vince Gravino Canisius A
60 Rochester Rattlers Eric DeJohn St. John’s M
61 Charlotte Hounds*^ Zack Sikora Rutgers D

62 Rochester Rattlers^* Austin Schultz Army D
63 Charlotte Hounds Shane Morrell (Episcopal Academy) Bryant A
64 Florida Launch Alex Spring Bucknell D
65 Chesapeake Bayhawks Holden Cattoni Johns Hopkins M
66 Denver Outlaws Conor Helfrich Tufts M
67 Boston Cannons Cameron Bell Endicott GK
68 Ohio Machine Derek Kihembo Johns Hopkins D
69 Rochester Rattlers Sal Tuttle Adelphi A
70 New York Lizards Scott Bieda Rutgers A


*First Round Trades
No. 4 from Chesapeake – 1/12/15
No. 7 from Ohio – 1/19/15
No. 8 from Rochester – 1/19/15
No. 9 from New York – 1/5/15

^Second Round Trades
No. 11 from Charlotte – 10/7/15
No. 13 from Chesapeake – 1/12/15
No. 18 from Boston through New York
Charlotte from Boston – 6/15/15; Boston from New York – 1/5/15

**Third Round Trades
No. 22 from Chesapeake – 1/23/15
No. 24 from Charlotte through Boston
New York from Charlotte – 12/16/15; Charlotte from Boston- 12/16/15
No. 25 from Rochester – 5/4/15
No. 26 from Boston, through Chesapeake through New York
Charlotte from Boston – 4/28/15; Boston from Chesapeake – 2/20/15; Chesapeake from New York – 2/17/15

^^Fourth Round Trades
No. 27 from Atlanta – 12/15/15
No. 28 from Charlotte – 5/21/15

***Fifth Round Trades
No. 38 from Florida – 6/23/15
No. 39 from Chesapeake – 1/7/16
No. 43 from Rochester – 10/7/15

^^^Sixth Round Trades
No. 44 from Atlanta – 11/18/15

*^Seventh Round Trades
No. 55 from Florida – 6/23/15
No. 61 from New York – 1/23/15

^*Eigth Rounds Trades
No. 62 from Atlanta – 12/17/15


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