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.@ConnectLax ‘Players who Shined’ from Passport Alliance Battle of Baltimore

Saturday, 25th June 2016

Categories Boy's/Men's, Recruiting, Posted 6/25/16

Top players seen by Michael Arena of ConnectLAX at the Passport Alliance’s Battle of Baltimore’s Individual Showcase on June 17th at Columbia, MD.passport alliance

Class of 2017:

Matthew Hathaway, M, CT Chargers / Darien High School (C.T.)

Hathaway – I can’t express this enough – is so mature for his age on the field, just a brilliant play maker and er. He can see the play forming before it happens. Seems to be in the right spot at the right time because he places himself there! As a middie he has the hands and moves of an attackman not lacking size by any means he can really use his body to his advantage. Probably one of the first players up at the middie line that has the cutting edge of an attackman, very similar to the intelligence that (former Darien standout) Case Mathies shows in the game today.

Andrew Lowman, M, CT Chargers / Somers High School (C.T.)

Andrew plays to my favor, which means he is a raw athlete. Speed, Strength, Agility, and Vision everything I would want as a player on my team and that is something is see a lot of from players down past the Mason Dixson line but on Friday it was from my home land CT. Stunning Athletic ability on the defensive end picking off passes, never giving up the middle and handling his middie behind GLE when needed. What I would be amazed to see is if they stuck a long pole in his hands and threw him at LSM. NOT taking away from his offensive skill, getting to the net was never a problem for Andrew it almost seemed expected after his first game. With a shot that possibly could beat mine with speed with a huge age gap and size gap, could be the top D middie prospect of the 2017 class.

Griffin Hanes, M, Duke’s Lacrosse Club / Bishop McDevitt High School, Harrisburg (PA)

Well versed player on both sides of the field, something that stood out to me greatly is how calm he was with the ball. It was not a lack of care for the games that he was in but it seemed that when the ball hit his stick everyone mellowed out. Settled the ball and then as soon as the feet start moving he’s gone, with suck style and ease there was no issue taking it to the net and putting it in. That is something I really look for in players, which is ease, style, complete respect for the ball. Which I think is extremely valuable to a coach, if a player respects and understand that every play does count then the coaches can be put at ease when it’s in his stick. Knowing Griffin will do everything he can to create the best opportunity to score or get the apple (assist).

Thomas Diver, M, TWIST / Germantown Academy (PA)

Thomas was the shake down master, ankles were broken on Friday (joking) and the turf monster came out to play when he dodged. D middies falling left and right. You know all the videos online of basketball players making a move to the net and the defender crumbles or dramatically slides across the court. Well do not be surprised if you see Thomas Diver on ESPN making a fool of everyone he dodges on. His ability to get past his defenseman was remarkable, no repeat moves shifty at the hips almost impossible to read. Along with him going 100 miles per hour when does dodge. Getting 5 yards in front of the net doesn’t seem to be an issue for him, leaving the competition in a mist of turf beads.

Jack Frasier, D, Dukes Lacrosse Club / Charlotte Christian, NC

Dukes Lacrosse produces some of the best players I have seen over the past few months. I have had the pleasure to watch a lot of their teams play and they never disappoint. And I believe that majority of defensemen mature at a slower rate as attack and middies do BUT that’s not the case for everyone please don’t jump down my throat. Because Jack defies that tremendously, here is my public service announcement: If you drop a ball near Jack, you will not stand a chance to pick it up he will be all over your hands and bodying you out of the way. Not just by size alone ether. Foot work behind the net was impressive for someone that age. Turning the players, not relying on his stick (even though his checks with the best at the tournament WOW). This is the total package for a defensive player, coach’s looking for size of a tight end and agility of an attackman, well stop looking he is right here.

Devon Cowan, A, Dukes Lacrosse Club / Hun School-NJ

Another Dukes Lacrosse player with no surprise is Devon Cowan. I would be extremely surprised if he doesn’t have some Canadian blood in him. He has the best hands of the tournament, playing in tight corners slipping pass right past the D’s heads during man ups, it was like watching a box lacrosse player I can’t say it any other way. Amazing shooting ability with his hands tight to his body, diving for shots, continuously finding open players on the crease (even when they are not expecting a pass).

Class of 2018:

Kendall Shaw, LSM,C2C / GA Peachtree Ridge High School

Kendall is an exceptional player as well as a person. Before I jump in to his abilities: Kendall came right up to me at the showcase and simply asked what I was doing there, who I was, how the drive was and what the competition was like. Well rounded person on and off the field to my understanding. Now on the field, I will say he has some weight to put on but that seems to be his only flaw if I had to pick out one, and trust me there is only one. Big on communication with the d middies along with the defensemen and goalie. Not only can he take direction from his coach and goalie but he can dish it out to. A major threat on the wing, possible picked up every GB that came with in a 20 foot radius of him and NOT ONCE was he beat by his defender, simply by relying on his feet not his stick which went along with his maturity off the field. Top 5 of the day for sure.

Xavier Ritter, M, N/A / NJ Saint Peter’s Prep School (N.J)

He was on the cusp of the honorable mention list for one soul reason, I seriously believe after this summer and fall he will be in the new papers, on the top of the recruiting charts for D1-D3, and will be viewed as one of the most versatile players on the field. Never looked gassed, I swear he would be out there for 2-3 transitions and maybe half of them he rode the hell out of his guy and would bring the ball down and create a goal. He has some amazing shots that went in and I could tell he felt more confident in his feeding skills then shooting. That being said if he took 5 more shots all 5 would of hit the net.

Class of 2019:

Christopher Carpanzano, FOGO/M, NJ Riot / Ridge High School (N.J.)strong>

My personal favorite player of the day, Christopher is a coach’s dream. At the X he isn’t just extremely talented but unlike a lot of FOGOs he can take it to the net, player offense, and really has no reason to come off the field unless his stick breaks. The total package, hardest player at the Battle of Baltimore, played with controlled aggression going after every ball, play, and player with a tenacity that I believe made every coach stand up to see. His dodging abilities were much like Hakeem Lecky’s, that being said Chris can also put it in the net and dish it out when he knows there’s a better opportunity awaiting. I think what I liked most was simply he never gave up. From the start of the day to the last seconds of the game he played all out and I value that almost more than anything a player can bring to the table. That shows that he loves the sport.

Class of 2020:

Tommy Hellman, M, CT Chargers / Darien High School (C.T.)

Coming from one of the top programs in the nation talent trickles down at a rapid rate. People of the lacrosse community he is a 2020 grad and is playing as if he was a vetted high school player (with lack of size). One quality I noticed the most was lack of fear: Balls on the ground, hes going for it. Pole is ridding him; he will use his body as leverage. The List goes on and on. The fact that he is going to get better over the next few years before college amazes me, because I think this might be his last show case because there is no way he isn’t made an offer after this summer. No possible way, his mail box is probably over flowing as I write this.

Honorable mentions:

Sean Duffy, M, TWIST, P.A. La Salle College High School ’18

Connor Hoch, M, Rock Lacrosse Baltimore, P.A. Central York High School ’18

Cameron Herbert, M, N.J. Riot, Columbia High School ’18

Anthony Gugluizza, A, Dukes Lacrosse Club, P.A. Manheilm Township High School ’19

Tj Lynch, A, CT Chargers, C.T. Staples High School ’19

Ryan Shout, M, Dukes Lacrosse Club, P.A. Central Bucks East High School ’19

Zachary Coar, A, Dukes Lacrosse Club, P.A. La Salle College High School ’19

Sam Keyser, D, Dukes Lacrosse Club, P.A. William Penn Charter School ’19

Bryce Reece, M, Dukes Lacrosse Club, N.J. Lenape Regional Medford High School ’19

Dylan Rahm, D, Dukes Lacrosse Club, P.A. Parkland High School ’19

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