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All-Ches-Mont League girls’ team is announced

Sunday, 29th May 2016

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The 2016 Ches-Mont League All-league girls’ squad:

1st Team

Linnea Hughes SR (Great Valley)
Ashlyn Smith SR (Great Valley)
Alyssa Manley JR (Bishop Shanahan)
Aubrey Robinson SR (Kennett)
Tara Morressey SR (Bishop Shanahan)
Erin Boulger SR (Coatesville)
Avery Kelly SR (Downingtown West)

Olivia Muscella JR (Great Valley)
Tori Barretta JR (Downingtown East)
Erin Garvey SO (Unionville)
Vicky Gallivan JR (Kennett)
Shannon Moore SR (W.C. East)
Mary Teresa Corcoran SR (Bishop Shanahan)
Jordyn Bauer SO (W.C. Henderson)

Syd Comber SR (Downingtown East)
Heather Camden SR (Downingtown West)
Maggie Flynn SO (Great Valley)
Anna Seifert JR (Bishop Shanahan)
Sarah Reilly JR (W.C. East)
Caroline Cliggett JR (Downingtown West)
Erin O’Donnell JR (Bishop Shanahan)

Madison Doucette SO (Unionville)

2nd Team

Morgan Whiteside SR (Avon Grove)
Kara Reichert SR (W.C. Henderson)
Corinne Bednarik FR (Downingtown West)
Leah Hunter SO (Downingtown East)
Hannah Wurzel JR (Downingtown East)
Emily Wurzel FR (Downingtown East)
Cammi Luidens JR (W.C. East)


Veronica Hineman SO (Unionville)
Regan Cook SR (Avon Grove)
Kenzie Staska JR (Bishop Shanahan)
Hayley DeAgostine SR (W.C. Henderson)
Tina St.Clair SO (W.C. Rustin)
Courtney Taylor JR (Avon Grove)
Elise Person JR (Downingtown East)
Megan D’Ginto SR (Great Valley)

Sally Mangan SR (Unionville)
Rachel Rhoads SR (W.C. East)
Olivia Orris SR (Downingtown East)
Devon Dehaven SR (Great Valley)
Emma Laudermilch JR (W.C. Henderson)
Elise Krikorian JR (W.C. Rustin)
Samantha Long SR (W.C. Henderson)

Mia Tornetta JR (Great Valley)

Honorable Mention
Lindsey Hewton SR (Unionville)
Livi Lawton FR (Downingtown East)
Kaela Smith SO (Bishop Shanahan)
Abby Davidson SO (Kennett)
Ashley Chisholm FR (W.C. Rustin)
Rosellen Martin JR (Coatesville)
Ryann Bauer SR (W.C. Henderson)
Jessie Richardson SR (Avon Grove)
Tabitha Rodriquez SO (Downingtown West)
Natalie Kahn JR (Great Valley)
Morgan Catrambone JR (W.C. East)
Sami Bowen SO (Sun Valley)


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