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All-Central League girls’ team is announced

Monday, 23rd May 2016

Categories All-League, Girl's/Women's, High School, Posted 5/23/16

The 2016 Central League All-League girls’ team:

Sportsmanship: Upper Darby

All Central – 1st Team
Conestoga Liz Scott Midfield 17 Jr.
Conestoga Sondra Dickey Midfield 11 Sr.
Garnet Valley Emily Mathewson Att/Mid 14 Sr.
Garnet Valley Kara Nakrasius Midfield 18 Sr.
Harriton Alex Ladda Midfield 14 Sr.
Springfield Bridget Whitaker Midfield 7 Jr.
Harriton Laura Lasprogata Att/Mid 13 Sr.
Haverford Laura Winters Attack 11 Jr.
Radnor Fallon Quinn Midfield 34 Sr.
Radnor Abby Lord Defense 5 Sr.
Conestoga Monica Borzillo Attack 8 Sr.
Haverford Jess Mellon Attack 1 Sr.
Springfield Maggie O’Connell Midfield 5 Jr.
Ridley Emily Johnston Attack 2 Jr.
Strath Haven Jenny Rowan Attack 17 Sr.
Springfield Julianne Clemens Goalie 40 Jr.

All Central – 2nd Team
Garnet Valley Rachel Warden Defense 25 Sr.
Conestoga Hannah Ashton Midfield 22 Sr.
Harriton Greta Stahl Attack 34 Soph.
Radnor Hope Smith Attack 10 Jr.
Springfield Cailyn Gormley Attack 17 Sr.
Garnet Valley Kamryn McNeal Attack 7 Soph.
Marple Megan Lynch Center 1 Sr.
Ridley Desi George Attack 20 Sr.
Haverford Tess Horan Midfield 15 Sr.
Lower Merion Louisa Ebby Midfield 17 Sr.
Penncrest Grace Harding Midfield 24 Soph.
Conestoga Elisabeth Ingersoll Defense 21 Jr.
Haverford Hanna Breslin Attack 9 Sr.
Conestoga Jules Horning Goalie 25 Sr.

All Central – Honorable Mention
Harriton Emma Arronson Defense 17 Jr.
Radnor Katie Quinn Midfield 20 Sr.
Ridley Brooke Nasella Attack 11 Sr.
Strath Haven Annika Kruse Defense 30 Sr.
Conestoga Paige Loose Attack 16 Sr.
Garnet Valley Madi O’Brien Att/Mid 6 Jr.
Springfield Erika Biehl Defense 11 Jr.
Strath Haven Nicole McNeeley Midfield 21 Jr.
Haverford Lydia Hetznecker Att/Mid 24 Jr.
Radnor Nicole Massimino Defense 11 Jr.
Marple Julia Lynch Midfield 13 Sr.
Springfield Bailey O’Brien Attack 32 Jr.
Harriton Haley Morris Attack 12 Sr.
Lower Merion Melina Chumley Attack 44 Sr.
Strath Haven Maddie Ruffini Attack 15 Jr.
Penncrest Victoria Cuevas Defense 22 Jr.
Harriton Molly McDonough Defense 23 Soph.
Haverford Clare Janzer Defense 22 Jr.
Ridley Hanna Crowley Defense 12 Jr.
Springfield Olivia Little Midfield 20 Soph.
Upper Darby JP Gallagher Midfield 32 Sr.
Strath Haven Carly Glassford Midfield 20 Sr.
Penncrest Logan O’Donnell Midfield 13 Soph.
Penncrest Sarah Roberts Defense 11 Jr.
Lower Merion Emma Ungar Mid/Def 11 Sr.
Garnet Valley Lauren Kinnee Goalie 44 Jr.
Harriton Devin McClain Goalie 24 Soph.
Radnor Alexa Solomon Goalie 19 Jr.
Strath Haven Katie Capalbo Goalie 0 Soph.


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