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The @PowerShaft: The proven way to improve your lacrosse game

Friday, 6th March 2015

Categories Boy's/Men's, Girl's/Women's, High School, Posted 3/6/15
From Press Release

Whether your season has already begun or is being delayed by a long winter, The Power Shaft™ is a proven way to improve your game by strengthening your wrists and forearm strength to improve your shot speed and passing skills.Power Shaft

The Power Shaft is a solid-weighted training shaft – the only weighted shaft in the world – that fits every manufacturer’s lacrosse shaft and gives you the workout you need to build strength you won’t get in a weight room.

How does it work?
Thirty minutes a day of wall ball, face-off drills, simulating checks, and goalie warm-ups will make a world of difference.

What does it cost?
The price ranges from $84.95 (Women’s) to $129.95 (Men’s defense)

How can it help athletes?
The muscle memory will build up your wrists and forearm strength which will improve your shot speed, allow you to make quicker feeds, put a snap in your checks, increase your hand speed for men’s face-offs and women’s draws, and improve goalies’ hand speed.

Who can use it?
The Power Shaft is beneficial for men and women, boys and girls. There are shafts for every age and every position.

Who uses it?
Currently, 50 colleges and numerous MLL players as well as many high school and youth players are training with the Power Shaft to gain the edge that everyone is looking to get.

Where can you get yours?

Visit the PowerShaft website for a list of retailers that carry the Power Shaft


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