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Second-day All-Star, High School & 2018 boxscores for PA, NJ games from @NLCLacrosse

Thursday, 2nd July 2015

Categories Boy's/Men's, Brine NLC, Girl's/Women's, High School, Posted 7/2/15

Second-day boys’ boxscores from Brine National Lacrosse Classic, River City Sportsplex, Midlothian, VA
All-Star Games

HSB All-Star Game 16-17
American 16, National 5
American Goals: Dickinson (4), Rodgers (3), Valestrand (3), Connelly (2), Lee (1), Coyle (1), Escalante (1), Buck (1)
American assists: Valestrand (4), Forte (2), Rogers (1), Green (1), Dickinson (1), Phillips (1)
Saves: Hare (6), Amon (9)
National Goals: Morrison (2), Marshall (1), Naylor (1), Locker (1)
National Assists: Tescher (1), McMahon (1)
Saves: Zeo (4), Forbes (4)

HSB 18 All-Stars
American 12, National 8
American Goals: Pollick(3), Steinbach(2), Goldsmith(2), Reynolds(2), Rizzotti(1), Tryer(1), Yunker(1)
American Assists: Cioffi(1), Gill(1)
Saves: McCabe(3), Siegel(5)
National Goals: Ciesla(2), Davies(1), Scanlan(1), Sulhoff(1), Ardrey(1), Leonard(1), McGorry(1)
National Assists: Leonard(1)
Saves: Greenblatt(2), Olin(3)

High school

Ohio 11, New Jersey 5
O: Hannah(2), Hornung(2), Roshkowski(1), Rice(1), Hughes(1), Kennedy(1), Hamm(1), Hutras(1), Barnhorst(1)
Saves: Deters(1), Amon(1)
NJ: Stasinos(2), Artglere(1), Evangelista(1), Witham(1)
Saves: Ryon(4), Geiger(4)

Pennsylvania 7, Connecticut 3
Penn: Lee(2), Faller(1), Pollastro(1), Kerr(1), Mccrady(1), Chamberlin(1)
Saves: Oneill(3)
Conn: Long(2), Brandes(1), Fromm(1), Coughlin(1)
Saves: Lefler(3), Pickering(4)

New England 9, New Jersey 4
New England: Phillips(1), Jenkins(1), Sullivan(1), Adam(1), Grillone(1), Lombara(1), Mcgreen(1), Odonnell(1), Fiorini(1)
Saves: O’Hara(6), Macrina(1)
New Jersey: Haggerty(2), Locker(1), Mackinney(1)
Saves: Ryon(3), Geiger(2)

New York 4, Pennsylvania 4
NY: Perotto(1), Knope(1), Tebo(1), Deakin(1)
Saves: Ponsetti(3), Deakin(1)
P: Lee(2), Sipes(1), McCrady(1)
Saves: Marks(6), O’Neill(4)


New Jersey 9, Florida 3
NJ: MacKinney(2), Bregman(2), Governale(1), Raferty(1), Jones(1), Fauvell(1), Parker(1)
Saves: Moschos(11), #18(3)
F: Murciano(1), Mylet(1), Kucera(1)
Saves: Pappaceno(4)

Virginia 8, Pennsylvania 3
Virginia: Cole(3), Jung(1), Reynolds(1), Henesey(1), Wootten(1), Verheggen(1)
Saves: Siegel(6), Eckert(5)
Pennsylvania: Diamond(2), Hower(1)
Saves: Rogers(4), Falzone(6)

Pennsylvania 9, Georgia 2
Penn: Hower (3), Albertson (2), Pincus (1), Seeber (1), Diamond (1), Dunn (1)
Saves: Rogers (3), Falzone (5)
GA: Higdon (1), Oliver (1)
Saves: Sneathen (7), McCutcheon (2)

New Jersey 7, Ohio 5
NJ: Jones(2), MacKinney(1), Bregman(1), Governale(1), Raftery(1), Wesley(1)
Saves: Blank(1)
O: McGinley(2), Ciesla(1),Hemelgarn(1), Tolble(1)
Saves: Elmo(0)


HSG1617 All-Stars
National 9, American 8

N Goals: Peluso(2), Major(2), Heyn(1), Bonavita(1), Thorn(1), Cullinan(1), Considine(1)
N Assists: Bonavita(1), Zadeh(1)
Saves: Schams(2), Sullivan(0)
A Goals: D’Angelo(3), O’Donnell(2), Dodd(1), Goodyear(1), Lucchesi(1)
A Assists: Fennell(1), Dodd(1)
Saves” Kedjidjian(3), Miller(2)
High school

HSG 18 All-Stars
National 9, American 7

N: Go(3), Fulcher-MKelendy(2), Bauer(1), Dolan(1), Kingsbury(1), Nelson(1)
National Assists: Kaus(2), Bauer(1), Simpson(1)
Saves: Tucker(4), Shucosky(1)
A: Lill(2), Mordhardt(1), Maricano(1), Christianson(1), Schaefer(1) Driscoll(1)
A Assists: Christianson(1), Pilcher(1), Driscoll(1), Degirolamo(1)
Saves: Boone(5), Kast(1)

New Jersey 12, Michigan 5
New Jersey: Sullivan(5), Seims(2), R.Mills (2), Scarrone(1), Wozniak(1), Peluso(1)
Saves: Danson(5)
Michigan: Grombala(2), D’Angelo(2), Kerik(1)
Saves: Kingsley(2)

New Jersey 11, Washington, D.C. 7
NJ: Pelsuo(2), George(2), Bunce(1), O’Neill(1), Ruskey(1), Wozniak(1), R. Mills(1), Sullivan(1)
Saves: Danson(2)
DC: Biller(2), Caskey(2), Leighty(1), Gelbach(1)
Saves: Semkiw(4), Costa(1)

New York 12, Virginia 4
New York: Messier(3), Cosgrove(2), Higgins(1), Leon(1), Clark(1), Alberici(1), Mckenna(1), Rushford(1),
Saves: (6)
Virginia: Talsania(1), Berres(1), Whitaker(1), Brisbin(1)
Saves: (5)

Pennsylvania 13, Colorado 3
Penn: Hughes(3), Mellor(2), Lucchesi(2), Emrick(2), Kahn(2), Bouchard(1), Major(1)
Saves: Poppenberg(2), Tornetta(2)
Colorado: Gierok(1), Checca(1)
Saves: Miller(4), Marbaker(4)

New Jersey 13, New England 5
New Jersey: Loescher(7), Monteleone(3), George(2), Kingsbury(1)
Saves: Cunniff(4), Collett(6)
New England: Rodino(1), Sun(1), Bundy(1), Fulcher-Melendy(1), Clark(1)
Saves: Collins(6), Tucker(3)


Pennsylvania 7, New Jersey 7
P: Bauer(2), Gibbons(2), Hodge(1), Siskind(1), Bement(1)
Saves: Boone(5), #21(3)
NJ: Loescher(2), Monteleone(1), Luzi(1), Cooper(1)
Saves: Collett(2), Cunniff(3)

Long Island 10, Pennsylvania 3
LI: Rzempoluch (2), Rowell (2), DiGregorio (2), Podaras (2), Kenneally (1), Moran (1)
Saves: Kast (3), Williamson (3)
Penn: Bauer (1), Sheikh (1), Yanick (1)
Saves: #21 (5)


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