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NOCSAE issues update related to Warrior, Cascade lacrosse helmet recertification

Saturday, 17th January 2015

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The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) has released two updates related to its decision to void certification of Cascade Model R and Warrior Regulator lacrosse helmets in November 2014.

NOCSAE has fully reinstated its license agreement with Cascade, which was suspended on Nov. 24, 2014, as part of its decision to void certification of the company’s Model R lacrosse helmet for failure to meet the NOCSAE standard. This decision also required Cascade to immediately stop production of all lacrosse helmets it intended to certify to NOCSAE standards, including the CPXR, CPVR, CVR and CS models. NOCSAE reinstated the license agreement after reviewing extensive testing data and statistical assessment of these models. Cascade is also now permitted to resume production and certification of these models.

Following NOCSAE’s decision to decertify Cascade Model R helmet, Cascade began addressing issues with it, developing a retro-fit to the Model R in close cooperation with NOCSAE. This resulted in the new R-M helmet model that passed the NOCSAE standard test. In addition, Cascade retained a certified quality control auditor to address any QA/QC issues and successfully completed an independent quality audit by SEI, LLC.

NOCSAE partially reinstated its license agreement with Cascade this past December, allowing it to start distributing the model R-M. At the same time Cascade implemented an upgrade process so that original R models in the field could be sent to the company for retrofit. R-M models can be identified by a special certification label on the outside of the helmet, which has a unique serial number. This label distinguishes the new models from the original non-modified R, which remains decertified.


Earlier this month NOCSAE partially reinstated the license agreement with Warrior to allow production of its Regulator II helmet, which is certified to meet the NOCSAE standard. The company completed all necessary internal and external testing of the helmet, including by an independent NOCSAE-approved laboratory in late December 2014. Additionally, Warrior has successfully completed an independent quality audit by SEI, LLC.

Warrior is also asking NOCSAE to reconsider its Nov. 24, 2014, decision to decertify its Regulator helmet. NOCSAE is currently reviewing the data and expects to make a decision soon.


NOCSAE, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, is an independent and nonprofit standard-setting body with the sole mission to enhance athletic safety through scientific research and the creation of performance standards for protective equipment. Formed in 1969, NOCSAE is a leading force in the effort to improve athletic equipment and, as a result, reduce injuries. NOCSAE efforts include the development of performance and test standards for football helmets, gloves and facemasks, baseball and softball batter’s and catcher’s helmets, baseballs and softballs, ice hockey helmets, soccer shin guards, lacrosse helmets and facemasks and polo helmets. NOCSAE is comprised of a board of directors representing stakeholders from a number of groups – including consumer and end users, equipment manufacturers and reconditioners, athletic trainers, coaches, equipment managers, and academic and sports medicine associations. These diverse interests have joined forces in an attempt to arrive at a common goal of reducing sports-related injuries. NOCSAE is a nonprofit, charitable organization supported by individuals and organizations with an interest in athletics. For more information, please visit


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