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National Lacrosse Federation announces alliance with @Big4HHH, @CrabsLacrosse, @ExpressLacrosse, @LaxachusettsMM, @LeadingEdgeLax, @Team91Lacrosse

Friday, 17th April 2015

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From Press Release

After much deliberation and preparation, the founding clubs of the National Lacrosse Federation (NLF) announce their affiliation and upcoming plans. The NLF plans to provide a consistent level of elite competition for our member clubs.NLF

This elite level of play will be a benefit to all clubs that share its values and level of play and participate in its events. Team 91, The Long Island Express, Leading Edge, Big 4 HHH, The Baltimore Crabs, and Laxachusetts have made a significant imprint in their respective regions and in the country.

The teams have joined forces to insure the events and opportunities we offer our players will be with and against comparable competitors that share similar standards.

The unregulated club circuit has created frustrations for players and their families as they try to decipher what events will be beneficial for their development and exposure to college coaches. It has created frustrations for college coaches on the recruiting trail as they struggle to determine where and how they can most efficiently use their recruiting hours to scout potential players.

The NLF will be hosting elite events featuring elite competition. Our vetting process will insure that all teams competing at our Super Series events belong there and all players invited will play at the corresponding skill level.

The NLF will be hosting Super Series team events that include a small number of the best clubs in the country, and Super Series individual events that include a small number of the best players in the country.

The Super Series format will cap the number of clubs that can attend, and cap the number of participants in our individual events. For example, our youth event this June will include 8-10 teams per grade. We have an individual showcase event planned in July that will include 88 players per grade. Information on both events can be found on our website (

The alliance will allow our players and coaches to get better through outstanding competition every step of the way. It will allow college coaches to streamline their evaluation process and it will allow the great players on great teams across the club landscape the opportunity to properly showcase their talents and measure themselves against the best players and teams in the nation.

You can check out our upcoming events and get a sense of our plans for the future at our website. We have plans for at least one event per season. Please contact our program coordinators if you have interest in your club attending one or all of them!

Please contact our Program Coordinators with any questions or requesting information on any of the events:

Steve Lydon –
George Breres –


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