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The Stik: A versatile tool for lacrosse players to improve strength in the forearms, wrist, hands and grip

Wednesday, 12th November 2014

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Editor’s Note: This is the second story on the Stik, a tool recently re-released to the public that can be used as part of a strength and training program to improve an athlete’s strength in the forearm, wrist, hands and grip. Click here for the first article.

By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/12/14

Former Conestoga face-off specialist Christian Jobs said the Stik helped him become an All-Central League performer.

“It helped me because it made my forearms stronger and gave me a quicker reaction off the whistle,” said Jobs. “I even felt sometimes I could overpower the other guy.”

Former Conestoga standout Christian Jobs demonstrates using the Stik to improve hand, wrist,, forearm strength

Former Conestoga standout Christian Jobs demonstrates using the Stik to improve hand, wrist,, forearm strength

The Stik – moderately priced in three different models – is used as a training tool to build strength, flexibility and elasticity in the arms, hands, wrist and grip through a series of exercises that can be done anywhere. Jobs liked the mobility of using the STIK. It can easily fit in his bag to carry to a game or a training session and he could use it when watching TV or just hanging out.

“For some of the bigger games I pumped up my forearms before a face-off to get that extra edge,” Jobs said.

“I would recommend it,” he added, saying he could see it helping players at any position because it addresses so many areas of the game. “I carry it in my bag. I use it in my room when watching TV and actually before some games. Even sometimes I would use it 30 seconds before a before a face-off to get the extra pump.”

Johns Hopkins University strength and conditioning coach

Johns Hopkins University strength and conditioning coach Jay Dyer endorses the Stik as a tool to enhance a full strength program

The Stik is available in three models. The 1-lb version is used for rehabilitation and the 3- and 5-lb models are used for training. For more information on the Stik, including testimonials, instructions and directions, frequently asked questions and instructional videos, click here.

John Nostrant, a former pro player for the Philadelphia Wings and standout at Washington College, said when he played he used an antiquated system to strengthen his arms and hands. Now he is happy to have the devices in his locker room where he coaches a national power at The Haverford School (PA).

“This device comes full circle,” he said. “It’s a great piece of equipment; you can set it to small tension for rehabilitation, or harder tension, depending on your needs. It helps the user snap their wrist to get a harder shot and it helps improve stick work.”

Nostrant, who is a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame, said the device can help players recover quicker and prevent injuries.

“I think another bonus is that it gives the player a little more confidence,” he said.

Recently, renowned Johns Hopkins Strength and Conditioning coach Jay Dyer also became an endorser of The Stik. Dyer has been using The Stik with lacrosse players and with clients in his private business as a key part of his conditioning program.”

“Our goal is to make sure their forearm strength keeps up with the rest of the body,” said Dyer. “Part of it with those athletes is the mental component. They are not going to feel as successful if they don’t have strong wrists, strong hands and strong forearms.

Dyer said that Hopkins lacrosse players and others often talk about the physical lift they get from using the Stik.

“The burn effect is a love-hate relationship,” he said.

“I just think part of your edge as an athlete is having the steadfast belief that you’re not only more than the other guy, but doing it better than the next guy. You want that final piece that gives you the edge.”

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