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Registration open for Box-Out Lacrosse Camps, Tournament

Sunday, 9th February 2014

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Registration is open for the Box-Out Lacrosse Camps in July at Yale University’s Reese Stadium with Yale coach Andy Shay and Philly coaches Adam Muller and Todd MacFarlane.

Box Out

Reese Stadium will be prepared for outdoor box arenas

The Box-Out Lacrosse camp, being held July 1-2, is designed to introduce field players to box lacrosse in an outdoor setting. The benefits of box lacrosse have been widely documented and the game is starting to catch on in the states.

Many of the best goal scorers in the NCAA field game honed their craft playing box lacrosse. In fact, most of the top 10 goal scorers in NCAA history hail from Canada where the box game is played. What are the benefits:

• Immeasurably more touches in the box game meaning more opportunity to get better.
• The goals are much smaller than field goals, which makes scoring difficult which further increases skill.
• All players play all the time. There is no “other end” of the field. It’s faster, and more challenging than field lacrosse.
• Confined spaces force players to work hard at their stick protection and greatly augments skill development in a comparatively short period of time.
• More action equals WAY more fun.

Box-Out Lacrosse started as a tournament company but we realize that teaching the game of box lacrosse is a priority too. Box-Out Lacrosse Camp, and Box-Out Lacrosse Camp Lite are restricted to 180 players. We will accept no more than 30 players in each box, and we will restrict each division to 30 players. If interest dictates, we may open a second group in one age division. The two day session includes specialized box lacrosse drills and instruction and many small game scenarios as well as actual box lacrosse games.

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Box-Out Lacrosse Camp Lite: July 3rd, 2014

What is Box-Out Lacrosse Camp Lite? Box-Out Lacrosse Camp Lite is a hyperspeed, abridged version of our two day curriculum. You will be doing the same drills, but you will be getting three total sessions as opposed to six. You may, by all means, sign up for both camps meaning you would get three days total of lacrosse. The curriculum, while somewhat redundant, would be well worth repeating. Tuition includes lunch BUT NOT DINNER as you will have ample time to leave the facility for dinner. We are in negotiations with an on site caterer as well. More information on that to follow.

Box Out Summer Tournament @ Yale: July 5 – 6, 2014

The 2nd Annual Summer Box-Out Lacrosse Tournament will be held at Yale on July 5th and 6th. Cost is $600 per team per day, and you are guaranteed 4 half hour games per day. Average team size is about 12 players and a goalie. The tournament will take place in Reese stadium. All age divisions are available.

Adam Mueller

National Lacrosse League Coach of the Year in 2008.
Head Coach for 7 years in the NLL
Pro Lacrosse Player for Detroit, Albany, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

Todd MacFarlane
Founder Top Notch Training – Southern California’s first box lacrosse training company that catered to Middle, High School, College and Post-Collegiate play.
Played for the National Lacrosse League’s Anaheim Storm.
Assistant Coach – Malvern Preparatory School, PA

Andy Shay
The Ryan and Forst Family Head Coach of Yale Lacrosse
11 year head coach of Yale University
Coached many Canadian stars in the NCAA including John Grant Jr., Jeff Zywicki, Craig Conn, Deron Dempster and Kirby Zdrill.


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