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Recent West Chester Univ. grad Dolan takes head coaching job at Bayard Rustin

Wednesday, 15th January 2014

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 1/15/14

Former West Chester University two-time All-League standout Jamie Dolan has been named head girls’ lacrosse coach at Bayard Rustin.

Dolan was a two-time All-Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference pick who helped lead the Golden Rams to the PSAC championship last year. In 2012, Dolan and West Chester reached the NCAA Division II finals.

Jamie Dolan

Jamie Dolan

She coached for the SEPA travel program last summer.

Dolan, a native of Hopkinton, Mass., whose mother was her high school coach, gave these answers about her new position.

How has your previous coaching experience impacted your desire to coach at the high school level?
“After my college career ended this past May, I took on a head coaching role for the PA club team SEPA, where I coached the 2015/16 girls team. Working with the girls and helping them to achieve their goals in the game of lacrosse was just as exciting and challenging as playing the game myself. That experience at SEPA is what inspired me to apply for the head coaching job at Rustin. I was so thrilled when I got the job because I love the game and having the opportunity to keep lacrosse in my life in the facet of coaching young girls is such an incredible opportunity, and has been such a great experience so far. I cannot wait for the season to get underway and I hope my girls feel the same way!”

Why did you desire to coach at Bayard Rustin?
“All three years I played at West Chester University, I lived with three girls who graduated from Rustin. I learned a lot about the lacrosse culture in West Chester from living with those three girls and they told me nothing but good memories and experiences they had from their lacrosse days at Rustin. When I found out there was an opening there to coach, I knew it would be a great place to be. I figured I would be lucky to find myself as a coach there knowing about the great atmosphere and reputation Rustin upholds, and it has been proven as I have started coaching that I am in fact very lucky to find myself there.”

What are your short-term goals?
“My biggest short term goal with the team is to simply bond with them and establish a good relationship with them so that they feel comfortable with me going forward. Also, (I want) to instill trust in my ability to coach. I want them to have confidence in me, so they can gain confidence in themselves and ultimately win games with the knowledge they will learn. Another big goal of mine short term is to get them in shape!”

What are your long-term goals?
“I hope to have a winning season. Making (the district) tournament would be ideal and I think that would build a great start for the even longer term goals. As far another long term goal for the season as well as far into the future for the girls sake, I hope to ultimately improve the girls style of play and attitude to a more intense style where they feel they can go at a faster pace and push harder in order to be the best players they can be. Having that attitude to want to be the best they can be and work as hard as they can will be instrumental in helping us in this upcoming season as well as in future seasons. Also, whether the girls who come through the program want to continue their lacrosse careers after high school or not, this attitude can help them as students in college and employees in the real world. If you put in your best effort and strive to be better everyday, you will be. This will help the girls extremely long term not only in sports but in the real world as they grow as athletes as well as young ladies.

Can you describe your general coaching philosophy?
“Ultimately, hard work is what I look for. My coaching philosophy is generally what you put into it, is what you will get out of it. I always say that I will take a girl who is an extremely hard worker over a girl who has talent but doesn’t want to work hard to use it. You will never be as good as you can be if you just rely on the skill you have. You have to combine the skill you have along with your best effort in order to truly succeed. I grew up playing around the same girls and I saw a lot of talented girls go to waste because they refused to work as hard as they could. Those girls who were ‘studs’ when I was younger, quickly got trampled by the girls who maybe weren’t as strong of players, but who were willing to give it all they had to be the best they could possibly be. So my philosophy is give me everything you are willing to give and I will give you everything I have to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Anything is possible with hard work and the desire to be great. I think, especially with how much the game of lacrosse has been changing and growing so rapidly over the years, it is impossible to be able to pin-point what drills to do or what strategy to use day in and day. Hard work is the only strategy that works every single time.”

Is there anyone that helped you (role model) that you’d want to acknowledge?
“My parents are my biggest role models when it comes to athletics. My attitude about hard work comes from both of them. I can honestly say that my mom and dad coached me and my siblings in just about every sport we played (A LOT of sports throughout the years). They were always way harder on me and my siblings about working hard and striving to be the best we could be and never ever giving up or quitting. Growing up that was not always something I enjoyed, but now I know I was way better off for it. They made it possible for me and my siblings to be able to play all the sports we loved. They never made us give up playing one sport over another because they believed we should play as much as we can and grow as much as we can as people and athletes. All of my athletic success is due to their determination to make it possible for me to get better at every sport I played, and by making nothing but sheer hard work an option in anything I did. When it comes to lacrosse, my mom was always my coach growing up, so I certainly turn to her for my lacrosse knowledge and tips on the game. I hope that I can one day I can be as successful coaching at the high school as she has been and maybe even start my own lacrosse club the way she has. Both my mom and dad are phenomenal coaches and I hope to be as successful as coaches as they have been and help touch the lives of as many athletes as they have over the years.”



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