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Over 100 teams to compete this weekend at @Victory_Events #GirlsSummerSlam at Seneca High (NJ)

Thursday, 10th July 2014

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More than 100 teams from the East and Midwest will compete Saturday and Sunday in the Girls Summer Slam at Seneca High School in Tabernacle, N.J.

The Victory Events tourney features girls’ divisions from 2015 through 2020-21.Girls Summer Slam

Pool play games will be held Saturday with championship games slated for Sunday.

The 2015 field includes:

SEPA 2015 PA
Wolfpack Maroon VA
Team United NJ 2015 NY/NJ
Team United CNY 2015 NY/NJ
Lanco Elite 2015 Blue PA
Lanco Elite 2015 White PA
Dutchess Monarchs 2015/16 NY
8 METER 2015/16 NJ
FLG 2015 NY
Aftershock Rush PA
380 Lacrosse HS BLACK ’15/’16 PA
Morris Storm 2015/16 NJ
Hunterdon Storm NJ
Delaware TRIBE DE
DK Academy NY
Brave Lacrosse STL MO

2016 Division
Intrepid Evolution MD
Wolfpack White VA
Team United NJ 2016 NY/NJ
Lanco Elite 2016 PA
Black Dog Legacy HS PA
FLG 2016 NY
Aftershock Fusion PA
Victory Girls Lacrosse PA
380 Lacrosse HS GREEN ’16/’17 PA
Nor’Easter Lacrosse Club 2016 NJ
ESLC 2016 Pirates DE

2017 Division
Intrepid 2017 Elite MD
Stick2Stick 2017 NJ
Wolfpack Silver VA
SEPA 2017 PA
Lanco Elite 2017/18 Blue PA
Lanco Elite 2017/18 White PA
Dutchess Monarchs 2017 NY
8 METER 2017/18 NJ
Hunterdon Storm 2017 NJ
Morris Storm 2017 NJ
Victory 2017s PA
Salt City 2017 NY
T3 Shore 2017 Blue NJ
T3 Shore 2018 Black NJ
Orange Crush 2017 NY
Brick Bandits Lacrosse Club NJ

2018-2019 A Division

Intrepid 2018 Elite MD
Stick2Stick 2018 NJ
Philly Blast 2018 Blue PA
Dutchess Monarchs 2018 NY
Motion 2019 Purple PA
Salt City 2018/19 Black NY
T3 Shore 2019 Black NJ
T3 Shore 2018 Blue NJ

2018-19 B Division
Wolfpack Gray VA
Philly Blast 2018 White PA
Team United NJ 2018 NJ
NJ Lady Emeralds 7/8 Green NJ
Black Dog Legacy MS PA
HEADstrong Lacrosse Club PA
Motion 2018/19 Black PA
Aftershock Lightning PA
Aftershock Thunder PA
MN Lakers Select 2018/19 MN
Morris Storm 2018 NJ
Hunterdon Storm 2018/19 NJ
Victory 2018 PA
Salt City 2018/19 White NY
Nor’Easter Lacrosse Club 2018 NJ
Orange Crush 2018/2019 NY
Bucks Select Black 18/19 PA

2019 Division
Intrepid MS MD
Stick2Stick 2019 NJ
Philly Blast 2019 PA
Team United NJ 2019 NJ
Dutchess Monarchs 2019 NY
Aftershock Jolt PA
T3 Shore 2019 Blue NJ
Nor’Easter Lacrosse Club 2019 NJ
Red & Black Elite 2019 NJ
Victory 2019/20 PA
8 METER 2019/20 NJ

2020/2021 A Division
380 Lacrosse Middle School White PA
Motion 2020 Purple PA
Legion Lacrosse Club NY
Salt City 2020/21 Black NY
T3 Shore 2020 Black NJ

2020-21 B Division
Stick2StickGreen 2020/2021 NJ
Team United NJ 2020 NJ
Team United NJ 2021 NJ
NJ Lady Emeralds 5/6 NJ
Motion 2020/21 Black PA
Aftershock Blast PA
MN Lakers Select 2020/21 MN
T3 Shore 2021 Black NJ
Victory 2021/22 PA
Salt City 2020/21 White NY
Orange Crush 2020/2021 NY
Red & Black Elite 2020/21 NJ
Stick2Stick 2020/21 NJ
Bucks Select Black 20/21 PA
Motion 2021 Purple PA


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