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Summer tournament: Crabfeast pools, schedules are released

Saturday, 29th June 2013

Categories Boy's/Men's, Club, Posted 6/29/13

Crab Feast 2013 (Maryland Sites)


Pool A
Dukes LC
L.I. Outlaws
CT Boltz
NC East
South Shore

Pool B
Team 1763
Building Blocks
Edge Red
Florida 22

Pool C
G.T South
Team 91
Washington Starz

Pool D
L.I. Express
NC West
NE Storm
Phillie Elite

Pool E
CT Chargers
Madlax Rock
Team MN
CNY RoadHawks
GR Turtle Bmore

Pool F
Sweet Lax
Madlax Orange
Trilogy West


BL Lower
9:00 AM Dukes vs NC East
10:00 AM 1763 vs Copperheads
11:00 AM G.T.S. vs Bulldogs
12:00 PM Express vs Breakers
1:00 PM Laxa vs MN
2:00 PM Sweetlax vs Patriot
3:00 PM Dukes vs Boltz
4:00 PM 1763 vs Edge
5:00 PM G.T.S. vs Headstrong

BL Upper
9:00 AM Outlaws vs S.Shore
10:00 AM Crabs vs Florida 22
11:00 AM Team 91 vs Starz
12:00 PM Thunder vs Storm
1:00 PM Crabs vs Edge
2:00 PM Madlax vs Sentry
3:00 PM Outlaws vs Hawks
4:00 PM Crabs vs Blocks
5:00 PM Team 91 vs VLC

9:00 AM Boltz vs Hawks
10:00 AM Blocks vs Edge
11:00 AM Headstrong vs VLC
12:00 PM NC West vs Phillie
1:00 PM Chargers vs CNY
2:00 PM Trilogy vs FLG
3:00 PM NC East vs S.Shore
4:00 PM Florida 22 vs Copperheads
5:00 PM Bulldogs vs Starz

Roland Park
9:00 AM Express vs Storm
10:00 AM Laxa vs CNY
11:00 AM Sweetlax vs Sentry
12:00 PM Dukes vs Hawks
1:00 PM Rock vs G.T.B.
2:00 PM G.T.S. vs VLC
3:00 PM Express vs NC West
4:00 PM Laxa vs Rock
5:00 PM Sweetlax vs Trilogy

Loyola Stadium
9:00 AM Thunder vs Phillie
10:00 AM Chargers vs G.T.B.
11:00 AM Madlax vs FLG
12:00 PM Outlaws vs NC East
1:00 PM 1763 vs Florida 22
2:00 PM Team 91 vs Bulldogs
3:00 PM Thunder vs Breakers
4:00 PM Chargers vs MN
5:00 PM Madlax vs Patriot

Loyola Practice
9:00 AM NC West vs Breakers
10:00 AM Rock vs MN
11:00 AM Trilogy vs Patriot
12:00 PM Boltz vs S.Shore
1:00 PM Blocks vs Copperheads
2:00 PM Headstrong vs Starz
3:00 PM Storm vs Phillie
4:00 PM CNY vs G.T.B.
5:00 PM Sentry vs FLG

Sunday’s schedule

Sunday BL Lower
9:00 AM Boltz vs NC East
10:00 AM Dukes vs Outlaws
11:00 AM Hawks vs S.Shore
12:00 PM A1 vs D1
1:00 PM 3A vs 3B
2:00 PM Semi Finals vs

BL Upper
9:00 AM Blocks vs Florida 22
10:00 AM Crabs vs 1763
11:00 AM Edge vs Copperheads
12:00 PM B1 vs E1
1:00 PM 3C vs 3D
2:00 PM 5A vs 5B
4:00 PM Championship

9:00 AM Headstrong vs Bulldogs
10:00 AM G.T.S. vs Team 91
11:00 AM VLC vs Starz
12:00 PM C1 vs F1
1:00 PM 3E vs 3F
2:00 PM 5C vs 5D

Roland Park
9:00 AM NC West vs Storm
10:00 AM Express vs Thunder
11:00 AM Breakers vs Phillie
12:00 PM A2 vs D2
1:00 PM 4A vs 4B
2:00 PM 5E vs 5F
6E vs 6F

Loyola Stadium
9:00 AM Rock vs CNY
10:00 AM Laxa vs Chargers
11:00 AM MN vs G.T.B.
12:00 PM B2 vs E2
1:00 PM 4C vs 4D
2:00 PM 6A vs 6B

Loyola Practice
9:00 AM Trilogy vs Sentry
10:00 AM Sweetlax vs Madlax
11:00 AM Patriot vs FLG
12:00 PM C2 vs F2
1:00 PM 4E vs 4F
2:00 PM 6C vs 6D


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