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Philly boys named to MVP Camp 2 All-Star rosters

Tuesday, 2nd July 2013

Categories Boy's/Men's, Club, Recruiting, Posted 7/2/13

Below are the All-Star rosters from the MVP 2 Camp at the University of Delaware held last weekend.

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2016 All-Stars
Ben Coakley Attack Leading Edge
Michael Jaillet Attack Austin Turbos Jv
Matt Lupinacci Attack Primetime
Jackson Mote Attack Zingos
Kieran Murphy Attack Njlc
Scott Nizolak Attack East Coast Lacrosse
Nate Patterson Attack Philly Freedom
Aj Traynor Attack Philly Freedom

Harrison Bardwell Midfield Primetime
Nicolas Barksdale Midfield Burning River Elite
Jack Cash Midfield Leading Edge
Bennett Faloni Midfield Low & Away
Charlie Keating Midfield Building Blocks
Daniel Lanham Midfield Jags Lax
Jack Marshall Midfield Philly Freedom
Teddy Mazaheri Midfield Team 302

Daniel Medcalf Midfield Zingos
Cullen Morgan Midfield Primetime
Brendan Quigley Midfield Leading Edge
Kevin Quigley Midfield Leading Edge
Matthew Stagnitta Midfield Leading Edge
Ken Takeda Midfield Primetime
Alex Wagner Midfield Philly Freedom
Brian Ward Midfield Low & Away
Curtis Alexander Defense Sting Elite
Greg Bayne Defense Low & Away
Michael Brown Defense Primetime
Owen Colwell Defense Leading Edge
Anthony Daino Defense Bucks Select
Harris Giles Johnthomas Defense Primetime
Timothy Kiel Defense Bucks Select
Lane Peyton Defense Low & Away
Matthew Mcilroy Defense Leading Edge
Ryan McNulty Defense Philly Freedom
Blake Parenti Defense East Coast Lacrosse
Ryan Wilburn Defense Rockfish
Teddy Dolan Goalie Building Blocks
Wyatt Hill Goalie Force
Colin Kirst Goalie Leading Edge
Jason Roland Goalie Team Twist White

2015 All-Stars
Michael Dowell Defense 3d Canada
Andrew Kew Midfield 3d Canada
Brendan Mullen Defense 3d Canada
Bryce Yetman Midfield 3d Canada
Cole Poyfair Goalie 3d Colorado
Ben Bechter Attack 3d Colorado
Ellis Zander Attack 3d Colorado
Morean Midfield 3d Colorado
Mike Sveen Defense 3d Colorado
Gunnar Roberto Locascio Defense Building Blocks
Patrick Donley Defense Burning River Elite
Sean Mackin Midfield Burning River Elite
Hunter Hazen Defense Cny Elite 2015
Anthony Teixeria Attack Cny Elite 2015
Jimmy Zervos Attack Cny Elite 2015
Ben Pachello Midfield Colorado Wild
Matthew Kane Defense Flg 2015
Jonathan Klobus Goalie Flg 2015
Tyler Reynolds Attack Flg 2015
James Sullivan Midfield Flg 2015
Jack Tigh Midfield Flg 2015
Jared Warner Midfield Flg 2015
Justin Gray Defense Force
Matthew Lee Goalie Low & Away
Jake Zoffer Defense Low & Away
James Russo Attack Madlax Rock Premier
Erik Skogmo Defense Madlax Rock Premier
Luke Redfern Midfield Njlc
Michael Crawford Midfield Primetime
Michael Dugan Midfield Primetime
Ryan Lynch Midfield Roughriders
Terry Logue Midfield Silverbacks
Rhett Schweizer Midfield Silverbacks
Fernando Delgado Defense Trilogy West
Patrick Fallon Attack Trilogy West
Ben Fredricks Goalie Trilogy West
Cole Wolfson Attack Trilogy West
Patrick Hopkins Midfield Washington Generals
Alex Klipple Midfield Washington Generals
Myles Cohen Defense Zingos

2014 All-Stars

Ryan Arthur Attack 3d Colorado
Mitchell Russell Attack 3d Colorado
Zach Runberg Midfield 3d Colorado
Matt Pinto Defense 3d Colorado
Trevor Pratt Defense 3d Colorado
Sam Sweeney Defense 3d Colorado
Zach Yoshioka Defense 3d Colorado
Trevor Jones Midfield Austin Turbos
Nathan Kraemer Midfield Baggataway
Clarke Jones Attack Burning River Elite
Johhny Roach Attack Colorado Wild
Brian Heath Defense East Coast Lacrosse Varsity
Jordan Walter Midfield Flg
JP Crowley Attack Florida Extreme UY 19
Alexander Tuminello Midfield Florida Extreme UY19
Garret Howell Attack Force
Pat Barlow Defense Force
Brandon Dowd Midfield Jags Lax
Kieran Mullins Attack Li Riptide
Andrew J Spallanzani. Midfield Nj Empire Elite
Ryan Campbell Midfield Nj Makos
Andrew Rao Midfield Pittsburgh Select Black
Tyler Miller Midfield Primetime
Matthew Lanza Defense Primetime
Drew Harvey Attack Recon
Thomas Kilmetis Midfield Recon
Austin Mitchell Attack Roughrider
Andrew Venezia Defense Roughrider
James Burke Attack Sting Elite
Matthew Close Midfield Sting Elite
Stephen Tortora Midfield Sting Elite
Michael Benincasa Defense Sting Elite
Thomas Dunne Defense Sting Elite
Steven Kerr Goalie Team Central
Paul Houck Midfield Team Twist Black
Matthew Laudadio Defense Team Twist Black
Matt Eckles Goalie Team Twist Black

Spencer Beyer Midfield Trilogy West
Hunter Edington Midfield Trilogy West
Stone Sims Defense Trilogy West
Samuel Sanko Goalie True Illinois
Jacob Murnane Goalie True Lacrosse Wi UX17


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