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NXTsports launches Indiegogo fundraising campaign to benefit youth concussion care

Tuesday, 15th October 2013

Categories Boy's/Men's, Charity, Events, High School, Posted 10/15/13
From Press Release

As part of the buildup to the Fourth Annual Philly Charity Showdown, NXTsports is proud to announce the launch of an Indiegogo fundraising campaign with the hope of raising an additional $30,000 to support youth concussion care.
Philly Charity Showdown

The Fourth Annual Philly Charity Showdown will be held Friday, November 15 at Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Phillies. All net proceeds from the Philly Charity Showdown will go to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Minds Matter initiative, dedicated to improving youth pediatric concussion care.

Said Brett Manney, Director of Showcase Lacrosse, “We are excited to launch this campaign. Not only will it raise money for youth concussion care – the most important safety issue in youth sports – but it provides an opportunity for those who are passionate about the cause but unable to attend to get directly involved.”

All information about the NXT Minds Matter Indiegogo campaign along with the campaign video can be found on the NXTsports campaign page.

Concussion awareness and treatment are the most important safety issues in youth sports. Concussions have been all over the news lately and they are scary, but the good news is that they don’t have to be! It’s important to remember that the vast majority of pediatric concussions can be treated effectively.

If a concussion is diagnosed properly, if the child rests, gets treatment and takes proper precautions, they can return to sports and to the classroom quickly. That’s why spreading information and knowledge about youth concussions is so important.

So even if you can’t attend the Philly Charity Showdown you can still help spread awareness and improve treatment of pediatric concussions. Click here for the Charity Showdown schedule and Philly Showcase information.

Whether you can donate $5, $20, $50, $100 or $1,000 to Minds Matter, every single dollar helps.

Please take an opportunity to visit the NXT campaign page, and consider making a tax-deductible donation to help reach the goal.

Because every young mind matters.


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