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Tri-State’s National Indoor Lacrosse Championships (MLK 2013) opens today at Peddie School

Saturday, 19th January 2013

Categories Boy's/Men's, Club, Posted 1/19/13

Action begins today at the Tri-State National Indoor High School Lacrosse Championships (MLK 2013) at Peddie School.

MLK 2013
North Division

Dukes Blue
Dukes Grey
Sweet Lax (MA-NY) Black
Rebel Elite Black
Tri-State Gold
Tri-State Green

South Division
Rebel Elite White
Tri-State White
Tri-State Red

Today’s games
10:00AM-Tri-State White v Hawks
10:35AM-Tri-State Red v Quakers
11:10AM- Hawks v Rebel Elite White
11:45AM-Tri-State White v Quakers
12:20PM-Tri-State Red v Rebel Elite White
12:55PM-Quakers v Hawks
1:30PM-Tri-State White v Rebel Elite White
2:05PM- Tri-State Red v Tri-State White
2:40PM- Dukes Grey v Tri-State Green
3:15PM- Dukes Blue v Tri-State Gold
3:50PM- Sweet Lax Black v Rebel Elite Black
4:25PM- Dukes Blue v Tri-State Green
5:00PM- Dukes Grey v Sweet Lax Black
5:35PM- Tri-State Gold v Rebel Elite Black
6:10PM- Dukes Blue v Sweet Lax Black
6:45PM- Rebel Elite Black v Tri-State Green
7:20PM- Dukes Grey v Tri-State Gold

Sunday’s games

9:00AM- Tri-State Green v Tri-State Red
9:35AM- Tri-State Gold v Quakers
10:10AM- Sweet Lax Black v Rebel Elite White
10:45AM- Dukes Blue v Hawks
11:20AM- Dukes Grey v Rebel Elite Black

11:55AM- G1- South 4th v North 5th
12:30PM- G2- North 4th v South 5th
1:05PM- G3- South 3rd v North 6th
1:40PM- G4-South 2nd v North 3rd
2:15PM- G5-North 1st v WG1
2:50PM- G6-South 1st v WG2
3:25PM- G7-North 2nd v WG3
4:00PM- G8-WG4 v WG5
4:35PM- G9-WG6 v WG7
5:10PM- FINALS- WG8 v WG9


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