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Girls’ showcase: Philly players excel at Nike Elite 120 in Randolph, N.J.

Thursday, 24th January 2013

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 1/24/13

Philly girls excelled Saturday and Sunday at the Nike Elite 120 at The Indoor Sports Pavilion in Randolph, N.J.

The invite-only tourney featured 120 elite 2015 and 2016 athletes, who competed in a tournament and an NFL-style speed and agility testing session run by the Parisi Speed School. Players were tested in the 40-yard dash, 5-10-5 shuttle run and 300-yard shuttle run.

Sophomore Emily Santana (Springfield-Delco, Phantastix) – Photo courtesy of Elite 120

Overall, 84 college coaches attended and got to see how players worked in a team format with players they did not know.

Girls (see Philly participants listed below) were broken into eight teams of 15 players in each age class and the teams were coached by club coaches. One of the coaches was Brooke Fritz, head coach at Radnor and director of STEPS Philly.

Agnes Irwin freshman midfielder Laura Pansini (Phantastix) was a member of the Blue Devils, who won the 2016 crown with an undefeated record.

Laura Pansini (No. 87, top, third from right) of Agnes Irwin and the Phantastix, poses with the winning Blue Devils in the 2016 division of the Elite 120

“Every girl brought a specific skill set to the team,” said Pansini, who took most of the draws. “Our coach (Maryland United’s Bev Altig) was key in helping bring those talents and personalities together.

“For example, I was chosen to do most of the draws. We respected each other. And basically we all just wanted to win and work as a team.”

How did Pansini perform?

“I feel that I did very well,” said pansini, who placed among the leaders in the 40-yard dash. “I showed my abilities, utilized my speed and always played my hardest.”

Pansini, who played varsity at Baldwin in eighth grade, said the competition was keen and helped her learn much about her game.

“I learned that being a ‘team’ player served me and my team well,” she said. “I learned that my speed, stick handling skills and shooting with accuracy are things I can always rely on.

“The games were faster paced and quick decision making is key. I feel that I need to improve gaining possession of ground balls in a scrum situation.”

In the 2015 class, Springfield-Delco midfielder Emily Santana (Phantastix) was mentioned on Inside Lacrosse’s ILWomen’s roundup as a standout at the draw and on defense.

“I feel as though I did very well in this tournament,” Santana said. “The competition was extremely tough, and highly competitive. My game plan was to come in to the tournament and do my very best.”

Santana said focusing on the game and not the many coaches in attendance was the key.

“I learned that in order to stand out you must play smart lacrosse,” she said. “I felt as though I needed to focus on what was happening on the field, and not worry about the coaches who were watching me play.

“I also tried to focus on the draw. Draw control is an important part in the game.”

How did her team fare?

“All in all my team did very well; we placed fourth out of eight teams in the event,” she said. “I learned that in order to play well with girls you don’t know you must play simple lacrosse, and cover all the basics on the field instead of worrying about the fancy aspects.”

Event Director Charlie Shoulberg, who runs STEPS Lacrosse, said the players enjoyed the testing by Parisi.

“The testing went smoothly,” he said. “And that portion went great for the team events. The girls got to bond because they got to meet and compete right away. I have learned in the three years of this event that it serves as a great way for girls to begin supporting each other before they even pick up a stick.”

Elite 120 Lacrosse Class Of 2015 Philly participants
Harley Barrett, Dynamite
Mckenna Edwards, Xtreme Lacrosse
Magggie Handlan, South Jersey Select Lacrosse
Courtney Henig, South Jersey Select
Emily Santana, Phantastix
Eliot Schulte, Ultimate NJ
Kiera Dalmass, South Jersey Select
Madison Klee, Ultimate Pa Blue
Emily Mcbride, Xtreme
Amelia Iacobucci, Phantastix 2015
Adriana Pendino, South Jersey Select Pink 2015
Hannah Proctor, Phantastix
Alexandra Rich, Xtreme Lacrosse
Fiona Geier, Long Island Yellow Jackets
Emily Troy, South Jersey Select
Zoe Bullotta, Dynamite
Caroline Farley, South Jersey Select 2015 Pink
Lauren Marte, Xtreme
Gianna Bowe, South Jersey Select 2015 Pink
Ali Thaler, Phantastix
Sarah Nicholson, Phantastix Purple
Jessica Button, South Jersey Select Pink 2015

Elite 120 Lacrosse Class Of 2016 Philly participants

Jessie Britton, South Jersey Select Pink
Meghan Matey, Dynamite
Laura Pansini, Phantastix
Peyton Sventy, South Jersey Select
Lindsey Dickey, South Jersey Select
Megan Donohue, Xtreme Lacrosse
Sydney Gagnon, Pa Express 2016 Orange
Abigail Lord, Radnor High School
Jenna Martinelli, South Jersey Select Lacrosse
Olivia Alvarez, South Jersey Select
Taylor Nolan, Xtreme
Jaclyn Sterritt, Dynamite 2016
Christie Balestra, Dynamite 2016
Eliza Hacke, Phantastix
Rachel Smiga, Xtreme Lacrosse
Elizabeth Brown, Xtreme Lacrosse
Claire D’antonio, South Jersey Select
Morgan Gryga, Steps Philly
Lawson Hayes, Moorestown
Madeline Gebert, PA Express Orange 2016
Annika Nissen, South Jersey Select
Samantha Scarpello, South Jersey Select
Grace Zechman, Xtreme
Liza Barr, South Jersey Select
Brianna Cirino, Phantastix
Carolyn Mann, Xtreme
Katie Quinn, Steps Elite Philly
Jordan Wood, PA Express


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