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Updated Philly girls’ lacrosse HS scoring leaders for 2012

Monday, 16th July 2012

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, Stats, Posted 7/16/12

Note – Below are the scoring leaders for Philly girls’ high school players during the 2012 season (including playoffs). These statistics are compiled from information provided by team coaches and from stats gathered through help from other media sources. To make a correction or addition, contact us at as we will continue to update the leaders. Info must be confirmed by the team’s coach.

Alex Moore, Allentowwn High (NJ) 148
Brooke Kiley Germantown Academy 119
Katrina Geiger Haverford High 117
Elyse Andrews Archmere Academy 113
Halley Barnes Garnet Valley 111
Emma Dahle Friends’ Central 107
Katelyn Fay Henderson 107
Katie O’Donnell Henderson 98
Kristen Bandos Notre Dame 97
Haley Schweizer St. Mark’s 96
Ali Thaler Baldwin School 96
Caleigh Foust Harriton 96
Dani Levin Barrack Hebrew Academy 94
Kaity Wiltraut Nazareth Academy 94
Tamar Parmet Barrack Hebrew Academy 90
Eileen Dombrowski Sacred Heart 88
Stephanie Toy Moorestown 87
Jenna Chodos Tower Hill 87
Natalie Miller Radnor 87
Kara Magley Council Rock North 86
Marie McCool Moorestown 84
Kira Gensler Spring-Ford 83
Rachel Shaw North Penn 83
Laura Frankenfeld Wissahickon 82
Avery Safford Shipley 82
Campbell Crochiere Agnes Irwin 82
Cortnee Daley Hatboro-Horsham 82
Ali Karwoski Great Valley 82
Meghan McGillis Conestoga 81
Caitlin Delaney, Cherry hill East 81
Lizzy Carr Hatboro-Horsham 81
Carlianne McCabe Notre Dame 77
Kasey Callaway Avon Grove 77
McKenzie Rafferty Downingtown East 77
Iris Williamson Germantown Friends 76
MC Curran Episcopal Academy 76
Joy Hopkins Pennsbury 76
Kelly Cross Upper Dublin 75
Olivia Gannon Mount St. Joseph 75
Maddy Lynch Springfield-Delco 74
Alyssa Andress Archbishop Wood 74
Nicole Troost Shawnee 71
Jess Schwab Harriton 71
Ashley Tedesco Friends’ Central 71
Morgan Glassford Strath Haven 71
Eva Winiarski Downingtown West 71
Emily Scullin Great Valley 71
Madison Klee Wilson High 70
Alex Poplawski Springfield-Delco 69
Nicole Beck Hatboro-Horsham 69
Rachel Engler Boyertown 69
Sophie Katz Shipley 68
Milan White Pottstown 68
Brittany Edwards Great Valley 67
Meredith Carr Abington 67
Annie Morrissey Germantown Friends 67
Julia Nemeth Southern Lehigh 67
Allyson Heavens Garnet Valley 66
Sophie duphily Kennett 66
Allison Hawkins Cheltenham 65
Fran Donato Neshaminy 65
AnnaElise Morello Garnet Valley 65
Tomni Massetti Kennett 65
Hannah Plappert Council Rock North 64
Cassidy Jemo Hill School 64
Nora McCallion Notre Dame 63
Meghan Garvey Avon Grove 63
Kristin Fitzgerald Villa Joseph Marie 63
Bonnie McShane Merion Mercy 63
Nicole Schmidt Emmaus 63
Shannon Nugent Shawnee 62
Delaney Tuite Notre Dame 62
Hanna Bogorowski Germantown Academy 62
Maddie Ward Spring-Ford 61
Catie Smith Conestoga 59
Amanda Case Haverford High 58
Nicole Fisher Gwynedd Mercy Academy 58
Ashley Stefanowicz St. Basil Academy 57
Kasey Jones Cardinal O’Hara 57
Ashley Pyle Garnet Valley 57
Brenda McDermott North Penn 57
Ashley Stefanowicz St. Basil Academy 57
Katie Melvin Harriton 55
Brooke Callahan Upper Dublin 55
Brianna Mandry Parkland 55
Ashley Pyle Garnet Valley 55
Taryn Deck Radnor 54
Catherine Bendinelli Villa Maria Academy 54
Kim Tumolo Clearview Regional 53
Natalie Schmitt Archbishop Carroll 53
Sasha Wozniak Spring-Ford 53
Julie Mckay Hatboro-Horsham 52
Sam Barnett Interboro 51
Natasha Capecci Nazareth 51
Sara Labrum Strath Haven 50
Megan Kloss Nazareth Academy 50
Maddier DiBrino Central Bucks South 50
Kristy Bond Penncrest 49
Shannon Quinn Radnor 49
Liz Mower Souderton 48
Abby Wheble Avon Grove 47
Katelyn Ambrose Southern Lehigh 47
Sam Amicone Cardinal O’Hara 46
Bridget Chakey Agnes Irwin 46
Haley Smith Jenkintown 46
Avery Murphy Great Valley 46
Christine Besselman Council Rock South 46
Megan Tiernan Washington Towsnhip 45
Rachel Shapiro Shipley 45
Kirsten Wilhelmsen Strath Haven 45
Arden Simone Baldwin School 45
Halley Warden Garnet Valley 45
Emma Dillon Jenkintown 45
Haley Warden Garnet Valley 44
Isabella DiDio Germantown Friends 44
Sabrina Tabasso Harriton 43
Hilary Holecz Nazareth Academy 43
Kaitlin Suzuki North Penn 43
Rachel Flynn Archbishop Carroll 43
Natalie Constantine Easton 43
Haleigh Dalmass Moorestown 42
Jenna Mertz Villa Maria Academy 42
Emilee Ehret Mount St. Joseph 42
Molly Doyle Council Rock North 42
Julianne D’Orazio Merion Mercy 42
Caroline Hagan Hatboro-Horsham 42
Jackie Sweeney Pennsbury 42
Julie Cross Upper Dublin 41
Lynda Michaels Episcopal Academy 41
Haley Wentzel Boyertown 41
Chelsea Fox Cardinal O’Hara 41
Emily Bohner Mount St. Joseph 41

AnnaElise Morello Garnet Valley 100
Becca Dahle Friends’ Central 87
Ashley Tedesco Friends’ Central 75
Maddie Ward Spring-Ford 73
Alex Moore, Allentown High (NJ) 67
Sophie Katz Shipley 66
Kasey Callaway Avon Grove 64
Stephanie Toy Moorestown 61
Kelly Cross Upper Dublin 59
Nora McCallion Notre Dame 54
Allyson Heavens Garnet Valley 53
McKenzie Rafferty Downingtown East 53
Lizzy Carr Hatboro-Horsham 52
Nicole Troost Shawnee 51
Laura Frankenfield Wissahickon 50
Kristen Bandos Notre Dame 48
Bonnie McShane Merion Mercy 48
Brenda McDermott North Penn 47
Emma Dahle Friends’ Central 45
Emilee Ehret Mount St. Joseph 42
Katrina Geiger Haverford High 41
Brooke Kiley Germantown Academy 40
Iris Williamson Germantown Friends 40
Molly Doyle Council Rock North 39
Kirsten Wilhelmsen Strath Haven 38
Lynda Michaels Episcopal Academy 38
Morgan Glassford Strath Haven 36
Cortnee Daley Hatboro-Horsham 36
Brooke Callahan Upper Dublin 35
Meghan McGillis Conestoga 35
Kaity Wiltraut Nazareth Academy 35
Sophie Duphily Kennett 34
Jess Schwab Harriton 33
Sabrina Tabasso Harriton 32
Katelyn Fay Henderson 32
Nicole Beck Hatboro-Horsham 32
McLaughlin Harriton 31
Haleigh Dalmass Moorestown 31
Halley Barnes Garnet Valley 31
Hannah Plappert Council Rock North 31
Nicole Duca Archbishop Wood 31
Carlianne McCabe Notre Dame 30
Eileen Dombrowski Sacred Heart 30

Alex moore Allentown High (NJ) 148-67-215
AnnaElise Morello Garnet Valley 65-100-165
Brooke Kiley Germantown Academy 119-40-159
Katrina Geiger Haverford High 117-41-158
Emma Dahle Friends’ Central 107-45-152
Stephanie Toy Moorestown 87-61-148
Ashley Tedesco Friends’ Central 71-75-146
Kristen Bandos Notre Dame 97-48-145
Halley Barnes Garnet Valley 111-31-142
Kasey Callaway Avon Grove 77-64-141
Katelyn Fay Henderson 132-37-139
Elyse Andrews Archmere Academy 113-23-136
Maddie Ward Spring-Ford 61-73-134
Sophie Katz Shipley 68-66-134
Kelly Cross Upper Dublin 75-59-134
Lizzy Carr Hatboro-Horsham 81-52-133
Laura Frankenfield Wissahickon 82-50-132
McKenzie Rafferty Downingtown East 77-53-130
Kaity Wiltraut Nazareth Academy 94-35-129
Natalie Miller Radnor 87-40-127
Becca Dahle Friends’ Central 37-87-124
Nicole Troost Shawnee 71-51-122
Allyson Heavens Garnet Valley 66-53-119
Eileen Dombrowski Sacred Heart 88-30-118
Cortnee Daley Hatboro-Horsham 82-36-118
Nora McCallion Notre Dame 63-54-117
Iris Williamson Germantown Friends 76-40-116
Meghan McGillis Conestoga 81-35-116
Caleigh Foust Harriton 96-16-112
Bonnie McShane Merion Mercy 63-48-111

Thanks to Matt Chandik of the Delco Times for help in compiling these stats. Click here for Matt’s All-Delco Girls’ team.


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