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Tri-State National Lacrosse Festival: Playoff seeds released in many age classes

Saturday, 7th July 2012

Categories Boy's/Men's, Club, High School, Youth, Posted 7/7/12

The following are playoff seeds for Sunday’s action at the Tri-State National Lacrosse Festival at Mercer County Park and surrounding fields. Many late games were postponed due to inclement weather so schedule are being adjusted.


Junior A


LI Jesters Foster (75)
Pittsburgh Select HS Black (70)
Titanium Indiana 2014 (67)
Sweetlax Green (72)
Recon Lacrosse (71)
Thunder Lacrosse (69)
Bucks Select 2014 (68)
Mainline LC (76)
Madlax (74)
LI Express 2014 Blue (66)
NJ Empire HS (73)
380 Lacrosse White (65)


NESLL 2014 Black 2 (83)
Baggataway LC (82)
Titanium Ohio (86)
Team FL (81)
Next Level (87)
LI Jesters Nessim (77)
CT Chargers 2014 Gold (80)
LI Outlaws 2014 East (84)
380 Lacrosse Green (85)
Pittsburgh Elite 2014 (78)
Transition Orange (79)
Ward Melville White Elite (80)

U15 A

Bucks Select 2016 Hogan (I)
Thunder Lacrosse (R)
Zingos U15 Black (U)
Baggataway LC Black (B)
Laxachusetts 2016 Green (H)
Primetime Power Penguins (N)
Team FL (P)
Laxachusetts 2016 White (E)
Baltimore Breakers U15A (C)
Chesapeake Rock Mayer (M)
Lax World 2016 (G)
Pittsburgh Revolution U15 (F)
Greene Turtle (S)
Team 91 2016 White (O)
Team Long Island (Q)
Tri-State U15 Gold (T)
All West Elite Ranger (A)
BBL Elite 2016 Red (D)
Pittsburgh 2016 (L)
Madlax (K)

U15 B

Looney’s Lacrosse Club (I)
Tri-State U15 (S)
Baggataway LC Gold (C)

LI Outlaws 2016 Silver (H)
Thunder Lacrosse (E)
LI Express 2016 White (G)
Team C4 Lacrosse (O)
All West Elite Seals (A)
Sayville Spartans (N)
Recon Lacrosse (M)
Ivy Lacrosse Green (F)
CT Chargers 2016 Gold (D)
PYLA U15 Black (L)
Zingos U15 Blue (T)
Tri-State U15 Green (R)
Austin Turbos (B)
Pittsburgh U15 (K)

Junior B


Team Long Island (24)
Head Heart Hustle (18)
Granite State Warriors (23)
Austin Turbos HS (20)
Bandits Rising (21)
Atlanta Travel Lacrosse (19)
All West Elite Recon (22)


LI Express 2014 White (25)
Team Philadelphia (27)
Team C4 Lax (28)
Team FL (29)
Sweetlax Blue (26)
Be The Best LC (30)

Sophomore AA


Mesa Fresh 2015 (139)
LI Express 2015 Orange (130)
CT Chargers 2015 Blue (134)
Dukes (131)
Tri-State Red (132)
NJ Diesel 2015 (NJ)
CP Lax 2015 (CT)
ChesRock 2015 Elite (MD)
JR Lizards (136)
Bulldogs 2015 (CT)
Lakeshore Lakers (MN)


VLC Chiefs 2015 (150)
Twist White (149)
NXT Lacrosse Club (142)
Thunder Lacrosse (146)
NESLL 2015 Black 1 (140)
BBL Elite 2015 Black (148)
Cincy Royals 2015 (143)
Resolute 2015 (145)
New England Storm (147)
Tri-State Blue (141)
Prime Time 2015 (NY)

Sophomore A


Tri-State Crimson (52)
Hampton Road Ironclads (46)
LI Express 2015 Blue (51)
C2C Dallas (48)
Team Florida (49)
C2 Chargers 2015 Gold (50)
ChesRock 2015 Premier (53)
NESLL 2015 Black 2 (47)
Baggataway LC Black (45)
Pittsburgh Elite 2015 (54)


Virginia Elite 2015 (63)
Bandits Pipeline (59)
Pittsburgh Revolution (55)
Team Virginia (58)
Madlax (61)
Pittsburgh Select HS Blue (64)
Tri-State Gray (62)
Transition Navy (56)
Baltimore Breakers 2015 (57)
Team ESM (60)

Sophomore B


LI Express 2015 White (1)
Team Smithtown West (9)
BBL 2015 Red (5)
Madlax (6)
Baggataway LC Gold (3)
Cortlandt Wave (2)
Team Philadelphia Grey (8)
Atlanta Rage (4)
MD Legacy (7)


Zingos 2015 (14)
Team Smithtown East (10)
Be The Best Lacrosse Club (17)
NESLL 2015 Black 3 (13)
Ante-Up (12)
Team Philadelphia Blue (15)
True Player (11)
Red Water (16)

Rising 9th Grade AA

Tri-State U15 Black (Q)
VLC Chiefs 2016 (A)
Team 91 2016 (O)
Looney’s LC (H)
Team Long Island (N)
Prime Time 2016 (L)
Madlax (I)
Resolute 2016 Blue (M)
FLG 2016 (D)
BBL Elite 2016 Black (B)
Resolute 2016 White (P)
LI Express 2016 Blue (F)
Bandits 2016 (R)
New England Storm (K)
CP Lax 2016 (E)
LI Outlaws 2016 Black (G)
Cincy Royals 2016 (C)

Rising 8th Grade AA

Team 91 Orange (M)
Baltimore Breakers U13 AA (A)
LI Express 2017 Korwan (G)
Gladiators 2017 (F)
True Blue Lacrosse (E)
LI Express 2017 McManus (H)
Madlax (K)
BBL Elite 2017 Black (C)
FLG 2017 (E)
Tri-State U13 Black (O)
Looney’s Lacrosse Club (I)
Resolute 2017 (L)
Team Long Island (N)
Bandits 2017 (B)
Cincy Royals 2017 (D)

Rising 7th Grade AA

Team 91 2018 Orange (H)
LI Express 2018 Orange (F)
Team Long Island (i)
BBL Elite 2018 (B)
West Coast Starz (K)
Looney’s Lacrosse Club (G)
FLG 2018 (E)
CT Chargers 2018 Blue (D)
Bandits 2018 (A)
Cincy Royals 2018 (C)

U11 A

LI Express 2019 Orange (H)
Team 91 2019 Orange (L)
Greene Turtle Fells Point (E)
Madlax (I)
Chesapeake Rock Treacy (C)
Laxachusetts 2019 White (F)
Cherry Creek (B)
Laxachusetts 2019 Green (G)
Tri-State U11 Black (M)
CT Chargers 2019 Blue (D)
Bandits 2019 (A)
Team Florida (K)

U11 B

Looney’s LC (H)
LI Express 2019 Blue II (G)
All West Elite Stars (A)
Team 91 2020 (L)
Zingos U11 (N)
ChesRock Johnson/McClure (E)
Madlax (I)
BBL Elite 2019/2020 (D)
Laxachusetts 2010 (F)
PYLA U11 Green (K)
Baggataway LC (C)
All West Elite Stripes (B)
Tri-State U11 Gold (M)

U13 A

All West Elite Ironhorse (H)
Team Florida (C)
Long Island Outlaws 2017 Black (N)
GC 2017 (E)
Zingos U13 Black (F)
Laxachusetts 2017 Green (L)
Thunder Lacrosse (D)
Chesapeake Rock Corbett (K)
BBL Elite 2017 Red (I)
Primetime Power Penguins (B)
Laxachusetts 2017 White (G)
Madlax (A)
VLC Chiefs U13 (M)

U13 B

Main Line Lacrosse Club (DD)
Laxachusetts 2018 White (A)
Greene Turtle Fells Point (H)
Chesapeake Rock Brunner (E)
LI Express 2017 Crimi (C)
Baggataway LC (O)
All West Elite Darkhorse (K)
Team Florida (I)
Tri-State U13 Blue (M)
Zingos U13 Blue (FF)
Cherry Creek (D)
CT Chargers 2017 Gold (G)
Looney’s LC (R)
Team 91 2018 White (X)
Tri-State U13 Gold (W)
Laxachusetts 2018 Green (Z)
PYLA U13 Orange (U)
LI Outlaws 2017 Silver (P)
Thunder Lacrosse (AA)
Tri-State U13 Green (B)
LI Express 2018 Blue (V)
Tri-State U13 White (EE)
LI Express 2017 Channy (N)
Team 91 2018 Raiders (Y)
Madlax (S)
Recon Lacrosse (L)
All West Elite Fighting Sixth (T)
Cortlandt Wave (F)
LI Express 2018 White (C)
Sayville Spartans (BB)


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