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Philly women trying out for 2012-13 U.S. National Team; 36 to 40 finalists will be chosen Sunday

Friday, 27th July 2012

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From US Lacrosse

Eighty-one of the top women’s lacrosse players in the country will try out today through Sunday at UMBC for the 2012-2013 U.S women’s national team. From the field of 81, the selectors will choose a roster of 36 to 40 who will compete for a spot on 18-player team that will participate in the 2013 Federation of International Lacrosse World Cup in Oshawa, Can.

The Team USA coach is Georgetown’s Ricky Fried.

The Americans won the gold medal in the last FIL World Cup, held in 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic. Of the 18 players on that roster, 12 are returning for this year’s tryout, including attackers Lindsey Munday and Sarah Albrecht, and defenders Gina Oliver (Pottstown, Ohio State) and Amber Falcone, all of whom were All-World players in Prague. Munday was elected team captain of the current squad earlier this month during the team’s trip to Canada for the North American Cup Challenge, a three-team tournament that is a part of the run-up to next year’s world championship.

Twenty-six attackers, 26 midfielders, 21 defenders and eight goalies are scheduled to participate in the three-day tryouts. (See tryout roster below) Both goalies from the 2009 team, Devon Wills and Megan Huether, are in the latest tryout pool, although Huether will sit out this weekend’s events due to a concussion she suffered during an exhibition game in Buffalo, N.Y., just before the North American Challenge Cup.

The players will be evaluated over the course of two days of drills and scrimmages by Fried and the five members of the U.S. team staff, as well as six other selectors, all of whom are NCAA coaches. All 12 evaluators take part in the discussion of players, and each gets a voice in determining whether a player makes the team or not.

The roster will be announced on Sunday afternoon, and the selected players will compete in the annual Stars and Stripes Tournament to be held on Oct. 5-7 at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. Following Stars and Stripes, the coaching staff will cut the roster to a 24-player training team, and then select the 18 players for the final 2013 FIL World Cup roster after Champion Challenge in January 2013.

All tryout sessions this weekend at UMBC are open to the public. The schedule:

Friday: 1:30-5 p.m., 6:30-9 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m.-Noon, 1:30-4:30 p.m., 6:30-10 p.m.
Sunday, 8 a.m.-Noon

Women’s National Team Tryout List – July 27-29, 2012

First Name Last Name College Position Grad Year Jersey #
Sarah Albrecht Northwestern A 2006 2
Kelly Barnes (Radnor) Georgetown D 2012 4
Kelly Berger James Madison M 2007 5
Linley Block Syracuse D 2013 10
Rebecca Block Syracuse D 2013 12
Sarah Boucher Queens M 2103 15
Sarah Bullard Duke M 2011 19
Jillian Byers Notre Dame A 2009 17
Dana Cahill Penn State G 2012 18
Allyson Carey Vanderbilt M 2012 32
Kristen Carr North Carolina D 2010 38
Tatum Coffey Penn State M 2015 20
Rhiannon Coogle Towson A 2014 23
Caroline Cryer Duke A 2009 25
Kathleen Cullen Florida A 2013 26
Taylor D’Amore Johns Hopkins M 2014 27
Brittany Dashiell Florida M 2013 29
Katrina Dowd Northwestern A 2010 6
Alyssa Dunlap (Radnor) Vanderbilt D 2014 30
Daniela Eppler Virginia D 2015 33
Danielle Etrasco Boston A 2013 31
Amber Falcone North Carolina D 2009 1
Sam Farrell Florida D 2013 34
Molly Ford Georgetown A 2010 40
Cortney Fortunato Northport High School A 2013 41
Taylor Frink Albany A 2012 42
Kellye Gallagher (Ridley) Loyola D 2012 43
Loren Generi Navy A 2015 44
Grace Golden William & Mary M 2011 45
Emma Hamm (Baldwin School) Duke M 2012 46
Kelsey Henshaw Navy M 2014 47
Katie Hertsch Hofstra D 2011 39
Liz Hogan Syracuse G 2012 49
Megan Huether Duke G 2005 24
Kristin Igoe Boston College M 2011 16
Kerri Ellen Johnson Maryland A 2012 83
Lauren Kahn UConn M 2014 50
Madeline Keeshan Virginia D 2014 51
Alyssa Kildare Johns Hopkins D 2012 52
Anna Kim Stanford M 2014 53
Ashley Kimener Old Dominion M 2012 54
Erica LaGrow North Carolina M 2008 28
Emily Leitner Penn G 2012 55
Megan Marinelli Georgetown D 2015 56
Kendall McBrearty Virginia G 2007 57
Caitlyn McFadden Maryland M 2010 8
Holly McGarvie Princeton D 2009 7
Kelly McPartland Maryland M 2015 58
Michaela Meagher Florida G 2013 59
Lindsey Munday Northwestern A 2006 9
Alyssa Murray Syracuse A 2014 60
Regina Oliver Ohio State (Pottstown) D 2005 14
Claire Petersen Stony Brook A 2013 61
Brittany Poist Maryland D 2011 62
Mallory Poole C.W. Post M 2008 63
Nicole Price Mount St. Mary’s M 2011 64
Mikaela Rix Boston College M 2015 65
Katie Rowan Syracuse A 2009 21
Jennifer Russell North Carolina D 2010 11
Caroline Salisbury Cornell A 2013 66
Iliana Sanza Maryland D 2013 67
Lauren Schmidt Stanford M 2011 68
Katie Schwarzmann Maryland M 2013 37
Lauren Schwarzmann Johns Hopkins M 2007 69
Jaclyn Sileo CW Post A 2014 70
Margaret Smith Notre Dame A 2014 71
Shannon Smith Northwestern D 2012 72
Danielle Spencer Northwestern A 2010 22
Morgan Stephens Virginia M 2015 73
Barbara Sullivan Notre Dame D 2012 74
Courtney Swan Virginia A 2015 75
Maggie Tamasitis (Boyertown) Notre Dame A 2012 76
Caroline Tarzian Georgetown A 2015 77
Mary Teeters Towson G 2012 78
Taylor Thornton Northwestern D 2013 79
Michelle Tumolo (Clearview Regional) Syracuse A 2013 35
Gina Valles Roanoke M 2011 80
Taylor Virden Duke D 2013 81
Acacia Walker Maryland M 2005 13
Devon Wills Dartmouth G 2006 3
Brittany Wilton Boston College A 2012 82
Laura Zimmerman North Carolina M 2012 36


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