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Philly Gear: Longstreth offers many types of cleats for lacrosse season; enter raffle to win free pair

Tuesday, 3rd April 2012

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Every athlete knows the importance of a great shoe. There are a number of very good options this year for lacrosse specific footwear. Lacrosse footwear tends to be lighter and lower cut in comparison to a softball cleat and offers greater ankle support and an extra cleat at the center of the toe as compared to a soccer cleat.

Longstreth offers many types of cleats

Lacrosse footwear is designed to be light, to provide solid ankle support and to provide adequate traction at the toe of the shoe. ASICS, Nike, Under Armour, and New Balance all have new, updated models for the 2012 season. Each brand brings top technology, superior fit and comfort, as well as great style to their product lines. Here are some footwear basics to help select which type of shoe works best for you.

Knowing what type of surface you will be playing on is essential when selecting new athletic shoes. Turf Cleats or Turf Shoes can be used on artificial surfaces as well as dry grass fields. If you are playing on a natural grass surface, a Multipurpose Cleat or a Molded Cleat may work best for you. The photo shows the difference between each shoe type.

Turf Shoes have small, round grips that are perfect for surfaces where you do not need to “dig in.” This type of athletic shoe would fair well on artificial turf and groomed dry grass fields, but are not recommended for wet grass or muddy surfaces. Turf Shoes are a good choice for players with ankle or shin issues, as they offer more whole foot support. Turf Shoes are perfect for those training days when the team is doing a lot of running and agility work. Great examples of Turf shoes are the ASICS Gel Lethal Shot, Nike Team Destroyer 3, New Balance X, and Under Armour Contender 4 Turf.

Turf Cleats are also made for artificial turf and dry or wet grass fields. They provide more traction than Turf Shoes, while offering a sneaker or running shoe feel. Most Turf Cleats have a rubber outsole to provide cushion on hard surfaces. They feature longer shaped cleats. One of our most popular Turf Cleat is the ASICS Prevail.

Multi-purpose Cleats have both long cleats around the edge and smaller cleats in the center of the sole. These are perfect for natural grass fields – muddy or dry but are not recommended for hard natural surfaces. Although they can be worn on synthetic surfaces, they are not the best option. An example of the multi-purpose cleat is the Nike Landshark.

The Molded Cleats feature long hard-plastic cleats that dig into any natural grass surface. They should not be worn on artificial turf or hard surfaces as they will not offer adequate traction and may cause unnecessary strain on knees, shins and feet. Perfect examples of the molded cleat is the Nike Speedlax 3, Under Armour Contender 4 Cleat and the ASICS Gel Provost.

Remember, comfort is everything. When trying on shoes bring your game socks to make sure you get the right fit. Make sure the shoe doesn’t rub in the back – this will prevent blisters. Longstreth’s knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect shoe! Visit to see our full selection or stop by our retail store in Parker Ford, PA ( just 30 minutes west of King of Prussia) to check out our one-of-a-kind shop.

Now that you know the basics, go out and tear up the field!

Click here to enter a raffle for a free pair of clearts (you will need to join Longstreth email list).

Below are links to many of the top-selling cleats at Longstreth

ASICS Gel Lethal Shot:

Nike Team Destroyer 3:

New Balance X:

Under Armour Contender 4 Turf:

ASICS Prevail:

Nike Landshark:

Nike Speedlax 3:

Under Armour Contender 4 Cleat :

ASICS Gel Provost:


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