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Philly Girls Showcase follow-up: Players from Long Island, Philly reflect on event and making Fab 40 game

Wednesday, 9th November 2011

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/9/11

Two Long Island girls, Manhasset junior goalie Juliana Toes and Massapequa junior attack Rosemary Pimental, said the long drive to the Philly Girls Showcase Saturday was well worth it.

Manhasset (N.Y.) junior golaie Juliana Toes was named to the deBeer Fab 40 All-Star Game

The two girls earned the honor of being named to the deBeer Fab 40 All-Star Game. The event featured 190 top girls’ players from the Philadelphia region and beyond and drew coaches from 36 programs. The players were put on teams in the morning sessions and played three round robin games before two All-Star teams were selected from the classes of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Toes and Pimental helped the Black team edge the White team, 9-8, in the 2012/2013 All-Star game. Pimental scored one goal and Toes had several key saves in the contest.

The two as well as Souderton sophomore midfielder Tori Bulgier and Mount St. Joseph senior midfielder Maddie Haas answered these questions for

Julian Toes, Manhasset (NY), junior goalie
What expectations did you have for the tourney and were they met?

Toes: “Going into the tournament I wasn’t sure what to expect. However I was excited to play with girls from so many different areas and get to experience how they play the game. I thought it was a great experience getting to play with so many different girls. The tournament definitely surpassed all expectations I had.”

What was the biggest challenge about playing in the Showcase and how did you adjust to meet the challenge?

Toes: “The most difficult part about the tournament was playing with girls I didn’t know and never played with. Especially as a goalie, I found it difficult to communicate with my defense when I didn’t even know their names. During warmups I really tried to get to know my defenders and as the day went on, we all got to know each other.”

How do you feel you played overall and do you feel it helped to make the All-Star Game and be seen by over 30 coaches?

Toes: “Like all players, I feel like I had my good moments and my bad moments. Like my coach always says, you can’t get them all. I thought I definitely had some good saves and some great plays thanks to the help of my defense.

“It was such an honor to be picked for the All-Star team. Being named an All-Star really helps when talking to college coaches. With over 30 coaches watching, I believed it was so helpful to have one game where all the coaches were watching and you were truly playing with the best of the best.”

What can you take away from this tournament for next year’s high school season as well as the recruiting process?

Toes: “Playing in the Showcase definitely helped me prepare for my upcoming season. Especially coming from a small town, II really enjoyed playing with a large group of girls from other areas. It was great to experience such talent and so many different shots.

“Being exposed to this talent really helped me develop as a goalie which is something that will help me later on in my season. As for the recruiting process, I believe being named an All-Star helps me stand out and show the coaches what I am capable of. Overall, it was very beneficial to play in the all star game where the skill level was so strong.

Massapequa (NY) junior attack Rosemary Pimental

How did you adjust to the Showcase format?

Pimental: “I didn’t know anybody and they split us up so you jumped on a team and started playing. Everyone was pretty nice and you got to warm up together and meet some of the girls. Then you met more people as the game went along.”

How did the day progress?

Pimental: “In our first game we didn’t do so well, but in the second and third it got progressively better. I was pretty excited about (Making the Fab 40 team). That was a lot of fun.”

How will making the All-Star Game help you in the future?

“It helped me progress as a player. I got to surround myself with other people that are just as good as I was; and better than me. I had situations where I was competing at a competitive level.”

Tori Bulgier, Souderton, sophomore midfielder

What expectations did you have coming into the event and did you feel your expectations were met?

“I expected that this event would aid me in the process of getting recruited to a college for lacrosse. I also expected to meet new players with similar abilities as me and expected challenging and competitive games. I was very happy with the overall experience and thought my expectations were exceeded.”

What was the biggest challenge about being in the event and how did you overcome the challenge?

Bulgier: “The biggest challenge for me about being in the event was probably the constant stressing, over the fact that college coaches were actually there watching the games. As well as the fear of not only adjusting to a new team, (I wanted to) excel on that team to try and prove myself to the college coaches.

What do you feel you learned from the event about playing/recruiting that you can take with you to the HS season?

Bulgier: “I thought playing in the showcase confirmed my opinion on how effective it is to pass the ball down the field to score, instead of when an individual tries to run it down themselves.”

Maddie Haas, Mount St. Joseph senior midfielder

What expectations did you have coming into the event and did you feel your expectations were met?
Haas: “The expectations I had were that it was going to be hard to play with girls I just met and that it would be tough to have a good transition with lots of passing. But fortunately, the situation was completely different. I think that a lot of the girls had the same feeling, so with all of us in the same situation, no one really allowed that to happen.”

What was the biggest challenge about being in the event and how did you overcome the challenge?

“Again, the biggest challenge was the fear that I wouldn’t get the ball as much as I thought I would and that it would be tough to play at my best, with a team I didn’t know. I overcame that challenge with reminding myself that I’m here for colleges to see me play, not to form a whole new team I’m going to play with for a whole season.”

What do you feel you learned from the event about playing/recruiting that you can take with you to the HS season?

Haas: “I learned that transition is so important for a team to succeed. It’s really important to have trust with your teammates, because your team is only as strong as your weakest player, so one must treat everyone with respect and how you would want to be treated.”


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