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Longstreth’s will be introducing the much-anticipated Asics Provost lacrosse cleats for women’s players

Tuesday, 22nd February 2011

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Longstreth’s will soon be taking pre-orders for the new Asics Provost lacrosse cleats for women’s players.

The Asics Provost

The Gel Provost will be available this June or July as a low top, in white, black and silver or black, silver and white color combinations.

The shoes are lightweight – at only 8.9 ounces. Like the already well known V-Cut turf cleats the Provost uses the Asics HG10mm heel set up to allow the player to perform in a more bio mechanically efficient position.

The HG10mm raises the heel slightly which reduces stress on lower leg joints and helps to create a comfortable alignment in the knees, shins and ankles. The cushioning in the s Provost comes from the Asics Solyte material which provide optimum comfort and stability.

Asics also employs their Duomax running shoe technology and a gel unit in the heel area of the shoe which again provides great comfort and stability to the player. The toe area of the shoe utilizes a protective layer to keep the shoe in good shape when the trailing foot toe area is dragged during the final movements of either passing or shooting.

Asics uses a multi-functional outsole on the Provost cleat which makes this a perfect shoe for natural surface play and field play in wet conditions. The Provost is equally effective on field turf.

For more information, call 1.800.322.7022 or go to Longstreth’s at


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