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Sponsor of the Week: Raise the most amount of money in the least amount of time for your team with Westerlund Marketing

Monday, 14th December 2009

Categories Boy's/Men's, Features, Girl's/Women's, Posted 12/14/09

Westerlund Marketing offers an easy and no-risk source of fundraising for your lacrosse team. Our program has a track record of proven success and our goal is for each player to raise at least $100 for the team in a limited amount of time.

Westerlund does most of the work to help players develop valuable fundraising skills while the coach focuses on what he/she does best – coaching. Their goal is to make you the most money in the least amount of time.

In this program, Westerlund Marketing representatives come in and teach the team how to sell, give them reachable goals, and reward the team with fun prizes. They also come back in a week to ten days and collect and count the money, tally the orders, place the orders and then schedule the delivery. They also receive the delivery and sort each person’s order so that they can take them home after practice or school. All the coach has to do is coach. Their fundraising program promotes team building and makes it as fun as a fundraiser can be.

Westerlund works with you all year so that you can meet all of your fundraising needs. By using their fundraising coach’s expertise to plan a fundraising budget you can get the things you need to continue to be a top program. What’s more, there is no financial commitment upfront like in other programs.

Once you use Westerlund for fundraising you will come back to us year after year. They only use top quality products that are easy for the team to sell. They can provide anything from cookie dough to pretzels to discount products.

For more information, visit us at Once there, click on the contact us link to send your questions and contact information. There is no commitment abd Westerlund will give you honest advice.


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