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Lax Tip of the Week: These stick tricks can help with your control

Monday, 26th May 2008

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By Genevieve Grossmann
Of Lacrosse Evolution, Posted 5/26/08

You have been told that good lacrosse players must become one with their stick, or that your stick needs to be an extension of your body. Stick tricks give players familiarity and control over their stick.

These tricks are not to be used in games. They are simply provided as fun and enjoyable ways to become comfortable with your stick.

Trick #1
With the ball in the pocket of your stick, hold the stick in a horizontal position that is parallel to the ground, about waist level on the right side of your body with your dominant hand at the throat or top of your shaft. Your non-dominant hand is not holding the stick at all.
The object is to throw the ball (about 1 or 2 feet) in the air, take the stick behind your back and catch the ball on the left side of your body with the stick in the same position. Now you can finish the trick by tossing it back in the air and catching the ball in its original position.

Trick #2
The second cool stick trick has the exact same setup as my first one. The object is to throw the ball up in the air from the right side of your body, but you want to bring the stick halfway around your body, drop it down behind you and through your legs.
Catch the ball while you are holding the stick between your legs parallel to the ground. Once you make that fancy catch holding the stick in between your legs, you can finish the trick by popping the ball back up in front of your body and catch it at waist level again.

Trick #3
Toss the ball just out in front of you. Then, swinging the stick handle forward and upward, meet the ball with the handle when the handle is parallel to the ground, sending the ball straight up a few feet. Then swing the stick back down to its normal position and catch the ball.

Trick #4
Pull the ball into your stick by raking. Without ever bringing the stick up to a level position, turn or spin however you like to keep the ball in the stick without relying on gravity. See how long you can do it.
This is not about skills as much as it is about smarts. BUT, get smart on this concept and you will see huge improvement in your skill level!

Trick #5
The last trick is challenging and will help you cradle stronger. Stand up, and cradle the ball. The object of this trick is to lay down (with stick and body parallel) on the ground and then stand back up, all while never having the ball fall out of the cradle. The keys to this are to keep your cradle strong and tight so that there is enough inertia to keep the ball from falling out.


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